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Heck, Joseph E.

Joseph E. Heck
Born: 04 April 1788 in Maryland (Place of Birth according to the 1860 Muhlenberg Federal Census)
Married: 1) 24 December 1812, Muhlenberg. Marriage performed by Leroy Jackson.
2) 1825
Died: 24 April 1864.
Buried: Nelson Creek Cemetery, Muhlenberg.

Family tradition says he went first to Virginia in the early 1800's, then to Kentucky.

In 1813 Joseph bought property on Nelson Creek:

Muhlenberg Deed Book 3, page 418 - 29 May 1813
Aaron Neal of Jefferson County, Mississippi Territory, sold to Joseph Heck of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, for one dollar, 200 acres on waters of Nelson Creek in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Warren Davis line.
Signed Aaron Neal. Witnesses Robert M. Craig and Scarlet Nixon.

Spouse 1): Sarah “Sallie” Davis
Father: Henry Davis
Mother: Frances Randall

Spouse 2): Catherine Davis
Previous marriage: 11 September 1816, Muhlenberg, Evan Rogers, son of William Rogers
Child from this marriage:

Died: 1876 (Muhlenberg Vital Statistics - Catherine, a widow, age 82, died of old age. Her parents were Henry and Mary Davis, born Virginia.)
Father: Henry Davis
Mother: Mary (?Kincheloe?)

Known children of Joseph E. Heck & Sallie Davis:

  1. Randall Davis Heck, born 23 April 1815
  2. Frances Adeline Heck, born 10 July 1819

Known child of Joseph E. Heck & Catherine Davis:

  1. Evan Rogers Heck, born 22 October 1829; died 17 March 1905; married 12 April 1849, Eliza E. Wilson.

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Hill, Richard Sterling & Amanda M. Dukes

Richard Sterling Hill married Amanda M. Dukes February 5, 1866. Amanda M. Dukes was born February 18, 1839 in Muhlenburg, daughter of Elijah Dukes & Edney D. Moore.

Children of Richard S. Hill & Amanda M. Dukes:

Contributed by Donald Hauser

Holland, Thomas H. & Elizabeth Dukes

Thomas H. Holland, born October 15, 1806 in North Carolina; died December 19, 1884 Muhlenburg. Married Elizabeth Dukes, the daughter of Benjamin Dukes & Delila (Drake) Underwood in 1835.

Children of Thomas H. Holland & Elizabeth Dukes:

  1. Mahala Jane Holland, born May 13, 1835; died February 28, 1909
  2. Delilah Ann Holland, born 1837
  3. David Benjamin Holland, born September 18, 1840, died December 1, 1910
  4. William Holland, born October 24, 1842, died June 29, 1898
  5. John H. Holland, born 1844
  6. Sarah Elizabeth Holland, born 1847
  7. Joseph R. Holland, born 1851
  8. Josiah M. “Cy” Holland, born 1855
  9. Samuel Hedgepath Holland, born November 1857, died March 17, 1918

Contributed by Donald Hauser

Howard, Nathaniel

Born: About 1801 in Kentucky
Died: April 1865 Muhlenberg
Father: Robert Howard
Mother: Diana Atherton

Spouse 1: Eliza Stewart
Married 17 October 1822 in Ohio Co., Kentucky

Spouse 2: Eliza E. Fentress
Born: May 21, 1812 in Ohio Co., Kentucky
Died: March 11, 1880 Muhlenberg
Father: John Fentress
Mother: Eleanor Dozier

Children of Nathaniel Howard & Eliza Stewart:

  1. Robert S. Howard, born 1 August 1826 in Hartford, Ohio Co., Kentucky; married Fidelia Livermore 21 May 1851.

Children of Nathaniel Howard & Eliza E. Fentress:

  1. John F. Howard, born 1831; married Eliza D.; died 1905 in Princeton, Gibson Co., Indiana.
  2. Laura E. Howard, born April 27 1834; died September 4, 1840; buried South Carrollton Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  3. Martha Ann Howard, born about 1837; married John E. Hewlett November 22, 1855 in Muhlenberg
  4. Sarah E. Howard, born about 1842 in Kentucky; married Thomas Bruce November 3, 1864 in Muhlenberg.
  5. Eliza J. Howard, born about 1844 in Kentucky; married Charles Rothrock June 2, 1864 in Muhlenberg Co.
  6. Thomas Howard born about 1847 in Muhlenberg; married Lucy Kendall; died November 17, 1914 in Boonville, Warrick Co., Indiana.
  7. Oscar Flower Howard, born February 26, 1849 in South Carrollton, Muhlenberg; married Mary Mears Hyland; died January 16, 1925 in Gibson Co., Indiana.
  8. Katherine Howard, born about 1864 in Kentucky; married Henry Love; died April 28, 1892 in Tennessee.

Contributed by Lucy Strait

Howerton, Abraham Vaught & Sallie Cessna Sharp

Husband: Abraham Vaught Howerton
Born: 17 January 1834, Nelson, Muhlenberg
Died: 30 March 1912, Central City, Muhlenberg
Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Father: Thomas Howerton
Mother: Christina Roll

Kentucky Death Certificate #8217. Abraham Vaught Howerton, male, farmer, white, married, born: 17 January 1834, Muhlenberg County, age 78y 2m 13d; died: 30 March 1912 of old age. Parents: Thomas Howerton born VA & Tena Roll born KY. Informant Sam Howerton, Fredonia, KY.

Wife: Sallie Cessna Sharp
Born: 27 January 1839, Nelson, Muhlenberg
Died: 23 July 1923, Central City, Muhlenberg
Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Father: Samuel Sharp
Mother: Esther M. Glenn

Children of Abraham V. Howerton & Sallie C. Sharp:

  1. Samuel Sharp Howerton
    Born: 25 June 1862, Muhlenberg
    Died: 17 March 1933, Caldwell Co., KY
    Buried Fredonia Cemetery
    Married: Beulah Morrow, November 1889
  2. Edwin David Howerton
    Born: 04 May 1864, Muhlenberg
    Died: 03 May 1903, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
    Married: Sarah A. Thompson, 26 December 1882
  3. Henry Nelson Howerton
    Born: 12 January 1867, Muhlenberg
    Died: 23 January 1936, Muhlenberg
    Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Married: Lily Christian, 12 April 1895
  4. Esther Ann “Hettie” Howerton
    Born: 03 September 1869, Muhlenberg
    Died: 01 July 1950, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Married: Tal G. Morgan, 06 July 1904
  5. Andrew Glenn Howerton
    Born: 08 May 1872, Muhlenberg
    Died: 15 January 1948, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Married: Ruth Sutton, Warren Co., KY, 28 April 1900
  6. Johanna Rosanna Howerton
    Born: 08 January 1875, Muhlenberg
    Died: 27 June 1933 Muhlenberg
    Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
  7. James Thomas Howerton
    Born: 22 November 1877, Muhlenberg
    Died: 15 April 1946, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Married: Ollye Reid, 30 December 1906

Source: Vol. I, Kentucky Family Archives, Department of Libraries, PO Box 537, Frankfort, KY; Census Records; Kentucky Death Certificates.

Howerton, Philip Lafayette & Rachael Ann Helsley

Husband: Philip Lafayette Howerton
Born: 01 January 1845, Muhlenberg
Died: 02 December 1900, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
Buried: Freedom Cemetery, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
Father: Thomas Howerton
Mother: Elizabeth Benton

Spouse: Rachael Ann Helsley
Married: 12 April 1866, Muhlenberg
Born: 07 December 1847, Muhlenberg
Died: 04 May 1908, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
Buried with husband
Father: Philip Warden Helsley
Mother: Elizabeth Roll

The family of Philip L. Howerton were members of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Muhlenberg.


  1. William Lafayette Howerton
    Born: 04 June 1867, Muhlenberg
    Married: Catherine A. in 1899
    Died: 09 December 1951 Jacksonville, FL
  2. Elizabeth W. Howerton
    Born: 20 October 1869, Muhlenberg
    Died: 10 April 1874, Muhlenberg
    Buried in Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  3. Cordelia Howerton
    Born: 13 December 1871, Muhlenberg
    Died: 13 April 1874, Muhlenberg
    Buried in Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  4. David Ham Howerton
    Born: 21 May 1874, Muhlenberg
    Married: Sarah in 1903
    Died 16 July 1952

    David was baptized 14 December 1885 and became a member of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. He answered the call to preach and prepared himself for ministry in Bethel College at Russellville, Logan Co., KY. He was licensed to preach on 12 October 1894 and served churches in Kentucky and Missouri.

  5. Emmett M. Howerton
    Born: 16 November 1876, Muhlenberg
    Died: 1945, Boonville, Warrick, Co., IN
    Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
    Married: Mida 1876 - 1936
  6. Edgar Green Howerton
    Born: 09 March 1879, Muhlenberg
    Died: 1934, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
    Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Boonville, IN
    Married: Auretta J. Sprinkle 26 October 1910, Warrick Co., IN
  7. Lovella Howerton
    Born: 04 November 1881, Muhlenberg
    Died: 21 August 1906, Boonville, Warrick Co., IN
    Buried: Freedom Cemetery, Boonville, IN
  8. Elmer Lewis Howerton
    Born: 29 August 1884, Muhlenberg
    Died: 11 May 1958
    Married Anna Elizabeth Hagan 01 October 1913 Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY
  9. Ora May Howerton
    Born: 06 October 1887, Muhlenberg
    Died: 03 November 1931 Boone Twp., Logan Co., AR
    Buried: Freedom Cemetery, Boonville, IN

    Ora attended Teacher's College at Terre Haute, IN. She taught several sessions in the public schools in Warrick County, IN. She graduated in 1913 from the Woman's Missionary Union Training School in Louisville, KY and served as an early home missionary here in the states working among the cotton mill people in North Carolina and later serving as city missionary in Little Rock, AR and as a practical nurse in Logan Co., AR, and in the Arkansas State Sanitarium.

Howerton, Thomas

Born: 09 February 1797, Essex Co., Virginia
Died: 16 February 1854, Muhlenberg
Father: William R. Howerton
Mother: Catherine “Katy” Edmundson

Muhlenberg County Vital Statistics 1854 Deaths:
"Thomas Howerton
Age 54
Condtion: married
Occupation: farmer
Birthplace: Muhlenberg County, Ky
Date of Death: 16 February 1854
Cause of Death: consumption
Name of Father: Edwd. Howerton"

Muhlenberg Will Book 3 Page 143
Will of Thomas Howerton
Written 16 December 1853
Probated February Court 1854
Wife Elizabeth
Son Edwin Edmonson Howerton
Daughter Mary Catherine Howerton
Son Alfred Thomas Howerton
Son William Roll Howerton
Son Abraham Vaught Howerton
Daughter Martha Ann Howerton

Above received $1 except A.T. who received $30.

Names seven youngest children:
Margaret Edmonson Howerton, John Benton Howerton, Louisa Jane Howerton, Philip Lafayette Howerton, Joshua James Howerton, Eldred Taylor Howerton, America Washington Howerton

Executors: William N. Wand, Joshua Benton
Witnesses: Presley O. Rhoads, R. or B. Pool, R.W. Wallace

Spouse (1): Christina “Tena” Roll
Married: 08 March 1827, Hardin Co., Kentucky
Died: 10 July 1838, Muhlenberg
Father: Michael Roll
Mother: Christina E. Vaught

Hardin Co., Kentucky Marriages Book A Page 176. Thomas Howerton to Tenea Roll. Surety Abraham Roll. Both of age. 08 March 1827.

Spouse (2): Elizabeth Benton
Married: 11 June 1839, Muhlenberg
Born: About 1816
Died: April 1880, age 64, Rockport, Ohio Co., Kentucky

Elizabeth Benton Howerton joined Mt. Carmel Church in 1862 and was dismissed by letter in 1874 with daughters Louisa and America.

Children of Thomas Howerton & Christina Roll:

  1. Edwin Edmunson Howerton
    Born: 30 December 1827
    Died: 08 March 1874
    Buried: Nelson Creek Cemetery, Muhlenberg
    Married: Sarah A. (Downing) Rhoads
    Born: 12 May 1822
    Died: 13 July 1892, age 70 years 2 months 1 day
    Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Tombstone: “Mother of D.E. Rhoads” Father: Edward Downing
    Mother: Elizabeth Wildy

    “E.E. and wife Sarah Howerton” were dismissed by letter from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 28 February 1874.

  2. Mary Catherine Howerton
    Born: 17 May 1829

    On 20 August 1864 Catherine was excluded from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church for joining a church of another denomination. Nothing more known.

  3. Alfred Thomas Howerton
    Born: 18 August 1830, Hardin Co., Kentucky
    Died: 20 May 1912
    Buried: Elk Lick Cemetery, Logan Co., Kentucky
    Married: 17 November 1857 Angeline Drake

    In the 1870 Census, Alfred and Angeline Howerton had children: James Edwin, Thaddeus, Martha Elizabeth. Martha married A.B. Dorris who served as pastor at Mt. Carmel 1923-1925.

  4. William Roll Howerton
    Born: 13 July 1832
    Died: 22 August 1855
    Buried: Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg
    Married: 27 March 1853, Polly Cummins
  5. Abraham Vaught Howerton
    Born: 17 January 1834
    Died: 30 March 1912
    Buried: Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery
    Married: 28 February 1861, Sally Cessna Sharp
    Born: 27 January 1839
    Died: 24 July 1925.
  6. Martha Ann Howerton
    Born: 20 August 1837
    Died: 21 July 1904
    Married 02 March 1854, Walter L. Casebier, son of Jacob Casebier.

Children of Thomas Howerton & Elizabeth Benton:

  1. Margaret Edmunson Howerton
    Born: 06 September 1841
    Named in her father's will; nothing more known.
  2. John Benton Howerton
    Born: 08 January 1842
    According to Mt. Carmel Church records, John Benton joined the church in 1862 by letter and died 19 January 1864.
  3. Louisa Jane Howerton
    Born: About 1844
    Joined Mt. Carmel Church by letter 15 August 1862
    Married: 07 December 1865 in Muhlenberg, Alfred T. Rose, son of James Rose & Susannah Heltsley

    Louisa Rose was dismissed by letter, 06 June 1874, at the same time that Elizabeth Howerton and America Howerton were granted letters. Could not find a cemetery record for her.

  4. Phillip Lafayette Howerton
    Born: 01 January 1845, Muhlenberg
    Died: 02 December 1900, Warrick Co., IN
    Married: 12 April 1866 in Muhlenberg, Rachael Ann Helsley
    Born: 07 December 1847
    Died: 04 May 1908, Warrick Co., IN
  5. Joshua James Howerton
    Born: 08 July 1848
  6. Eldred Taylor Howerton
    Born: 16 August 1850/1852
    Died: 29 March 1892
    Married: Ann Eliza Dwyer Smith, 04 November 1874, Muhlenberg
    Daughter of Winfield Scott Dwyer and Serenna White
  7. America Washington Howerton
    Born: 05 March 1853
    Died: 10 February 1928, Cascade Co., Montana
    Married: 20 June 1875, David Franklin Clark
    Born: 26 October 1849
    Died: 05 February 1931

    America joined Mt. Carmel Church in 1869 and was dismissed by letter with her mother and sister Louisa, 06 June 1874.

    Source: Muhlenberg County KY Heritage, Vol. 13, No. 3, pg. 30, “Mrs. Virginia Warren, Rt. 2, Box 302, Overton TX 75684, William Rone Howerton Bible Record and Muhlenberg County Court Censuses and Cemetery Records.”

Humphrey, Rolla Elliston & Mary Elizabeth Smith

Rolla Elliston Humphrey
Born: 14 April 1859 McLean Co., Kentucky
Died: 19 October 1893 Paradise, Muhlenberg
Buried: Yontz Cemetery, Muhlenberg
Parents: Rolla Elliston Humphrey and Delila Bennett Woodward
Married: 21 December 1881, at bride's home, Paradise, Kentucky by Frank Welborn

Mary “Mollie” Elizabeth Smith
Born: 16 November 1865 Paradise, Muhlenberg
Died: 02 February 1953 Cleaton, Muhlenberg
Parents: William Henderson Smith and Marietta Isadora Catherine Mason
Occupation: Postal Clerk; Clerk, Rogers Brothers Coal Company.

Children of Rolla E. Humphrey & Mary E. Smith (all born at Paradise, Muhlenberg):

  1. Nellie Mae Humphrey
    Born: 22 December 1882
    Died: 31 March 1978
    Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    1. 07 May 1905 Butler Co., Kentucky to M.F. Allen of Webster Co., Kentucky
    2. 19 December 1905 to John Richard Thurman, son of Mack C. Thurman and Fannie R. Johnson.
  2. William Smith Humphrey
    Born: 18 June 1885
    Died: 25 January 1971 Ohio Co., Kentucky
    Buried Rochester Cemetery, Rochester, Butler Co., Kentucky
    Married: 25 December 1907, Ohio Co., Kentucky to Annie Lena Engler, daughter of Leonard S. Engler and Marion Overton
  3. R. Dee Humphrey
    Born: 01 January 1888
    Died: 20 October 1988, Madisonville, Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Spouse: George Claborn O'Neal, son of Tobias Grundy O'Neal and Mary Jane Sears; married 03 September 1906, Greenville, Kentucky
  4. Bernice Humphrey
    Born: 28 December 1889
    Died: 14 May 1937, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Rochester Cemetery, Rochester, Butler Co., Kentucky
    Spouse: May Engler; married 28 April 1912, Muhlenberg
  5. Isadora “Do” Maude Humphrey
    Born: 28 June 1893
    Died: 04 March 1984, Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
    Spouse: Evan Brank Welborn; married 04 October 1914, Muhlenberg

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Hunsinger, Mathias & Mary Ann Gears

Mathias Hunsinger
Born: 1757 in Germany
Died: November 21, 1805 in Muhlenberg
Note: He had 200 acres of land in Muhlenberg County according to survey done December 11, 1798.

Spouse: Mary Ann Gears
Born: 1761
Died: August 21, 1861 in Burnt Prairie, Illinois

Children of Mathias Hunsinger & Mary A. Gears:

  1. Jacob Hunsinger, born March 31, 1783 and died December 19, 1862. He married Elizabeth Shull who was born September 15, 1786 and died January 11, 1859, the daughter of Peter and Anna Dorothea Hetzel Shull. They are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, White Co., Illinois.
  2. Adam Hunsinger, born December 15, 1784 and died January 9, 1873. He married Mary Vaught born 1796 and died June 17, 1876, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Martin Vaught. They are buried in Bethel Cemetery, White Co., Illinois.
  3. Catherine Hunsinger, born 1786. She married Michael Heltsley.
  4. George Hunsinger, born 1787
  5. David Hunsinger, born 1791
  6. Susan Hunsinger, born 1793. She married Peter Graves who was born October 27, 1786 and died June 5, 1871 and is buried in Ceralvo Cemetery, Ohio Co., Kentucky. They married April 6, 1812.
  7. Samuel Hunsinger, born 1794 and died February 7, 1844 in White Co., Illinois. He married Polly Ellis.
  8. Mary Hunsinger, born March 12, 1796 and died December 18, 1851 in Edgar Co., Illinois. She married John Vaught born March 14, 1792 in Pennsylvania and died September 11, 1872 in Butler Co., Kansas, the son of John and Elizabeth Martin Vaught. They married September 27, 1818.
  9. Daniel Hunsinger, born May 17,1798 and died March 25, 1867 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, White Co., Illinois. He married Margaret Stewart who was born 1811 and died July 1, 1887, the daughter of Simon and Patsy Stewart. They married April 12, 1829.
  10. Elizabeth Hunsinger born March 8, 1801 in Muhlenberg. She married Peter Matthews who was born 1789 in Muhlenberg and died December 6, 1822 in Burnt Prairie, Illinois. They married June 5, 1815 in White Co., Illinois.
  11. Sarah Hunsinger, born 1802 and died October 8, 1884. She married Benjamin Hunsaker who was born December 6, 1795 in Pennsylvania and died March 9, 1855, the son of George and Susannah Mosier Hunsaker. He is buried in New Providence Cemetery, Edgar Co., Illinois. They married November 18, 1821.

Contributed by Helen McKeown December 12, 2005

Hunt, Daniel & Mary

Daniel Hunt, son of William Hunt & Mourning Dukes, born September 22, 1821; died August 27, 1850; married Mary.

Children of Daniel & Mary Hunt:

  1. James Hunt, born 1845
  2. Winny Hunt, born 1847
  3. John K. Hunt, born 1849

Contributed by Donald Hauser

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