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Calvert, Bennett Gray & Henrietta Clark

Bennett Gray Calvert
Born: about 1782 Prince William Co., Virginia
Married: March 25, 1806 Nelson Co., Kentucky
Father: Thomas Calvert
Mother: Emily Gray

Spouse: Henrietta Clark

Bennett Gray Calvert, seemingly the eldest son of Thomas and Emily (Gray) Calvert of Prince William Co., VA and Nelson Co., KY. He was born in Prince William Co., VA about 1782, going to Nelson Co., KY with his parents about 1794. Here he married Henrietta Clark on March 25, 1806. It is not known how long they remained in Nelson County but they settled in Muhlenberg Co., KY by 1820 as the census records for the year reveals. They were still there in 1830 with six sons and three daughters recorded. The ages of both husband and wife were given as 40 yrs. and under 50. As Bennett and his wife were not recorded in the 1840 census, it is quite probable that they had died before that time.

Children of Bennett G. Calvert & Henrietta Clark:

Source: Various information from Muhlenberg County records and “Descendents of the Virginia Calverts,” 1947. Information was contributed to the Calvert book organizers many years ago by Mr. Offie Calvert, Island, KY, and Mrs. Sallie A.D. Calvert Dwyer, Greenville, KY.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Calvert, Reuben Collins & Mary Elizabeth Long

Reuben Collins Calvert, son of Bennett Gray Calvert and Henrietta Clark, born January 29, 1823; married Mary Elizabeth Long, daugther of Samuel Culbertson Long and Joanna Culbertson.

Children of Reuben C. Calvert & Mary E. Long:

  1. Joanna Calvert, born about 1848; died after 1850 in childhood
  2. William Culbertson Calvert, born September 4, 1850; married Florence Watkins date unknown; died date unknown
  3. Isaac Alexander Calvert, born March 10, 1853; married Margaret Henrietta Cessna, daughter of Robert J.C. Cessna and Angeline Calvert; Margaret died August 19, 1958 in Daviess Co., KY; though she resided in McLean Co., KY

Reuben died February 23, 1896. Mary Elizabeth died August 20, 1896, and they are buried at the Calvert Cemetery outside of Island, McLean Co., Kentucky.

Source: Various information from Muhlenberg County records and “Descendents of the Virginia Calverts”, 1947. Information was contributed to the Calvert book organizers many years ago by Mr. Offie Calvert, Island, KY and Mrs. Sallie A.D. Calvert Dwyer, Greenville, KY.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Cates, Robert D. & Margaret Carrigan

Husband: Robert D. Cates
Born: 1790-1794, North Carolina
Died: 1842-1843, Weakley County, Tennessee
Married: 13 September 1810, Orange Co., NC

Notes on the Robert D. Cates family

Wife: Margaret Carrigan
Born: 1790-1792, North Carolina
Died: after 1880 census
Father: John Carrigan

Children of Robert Cates & Margaret Carrigan:

  1. Wilson G. (Green?) Cates
    Born: 17 March 1811, North Carolina
    Died: 07 January 1884, Muhlenberg (or possibly Hopkins Co., Kentucky)
    Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Muhlenberg
    Spouse: Rebecca S. Long
    Married: 08 November 1839, Muhlenberg
    Other Spouse: Elizabeth (-----) Ritter Johnson
    Married: 18 August 1881, Muhlenberg
  2. Julia F. Cates
    Born: about 1815, North Carolina
    Spouse: W.M. Reddick
    Married: about 1836
  3. Martha G. Cates
    Born: 30 July 1818, North Carolina
    Died: 21 July 1905, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, KY
    Spouse: Elijah Lam
    Married: 08 August 1844, Polk Co., Missouri
  4. William Monroe Cates
    Born: 13 November 1821, North Carolina
    Died: 06 March 1872, Obion Co., Tennessee
    Buried: Obion Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
    Spouse: Asenith Young
    Married: 19 August 1846, Weakley Co., Tennessee
    Note: A deed in Weakley County names Margaret as his mother.
  5. Nancy J. Cates
    Born: 08 April 1822, Bedford Co., Tennessee
    Died: 19 January 1912, Muhlenberg
    Buried: Cherry Hill Cemetery, Muhlenberg
    Her Death Certificate
    Spouse: William Anderson. She was his second wife.
    His Will
    Married: 26 November 1854, Weakley Co., Tennessee
    Note: Marriage record also recorded in Muhlenberg Vital Statistics.
  6. Rebecca Cates
    Born: about 1830, Tennessee
  7. Margaret Frances “Fanny” Cates
    Born: about 1834, Tennessee
    Spouse: Moses Levi Pool. She was his second wife.
    Married: 02 June 1857, Weakley Co., Tennessee
  8. Delilah Cates
    Born: about 1837, Tennessee
    Spouse: Daniel Ward
    Married: 28 December 1855, Weakley Co., Tennessee

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Cates, William Monroe & Asenith Ann Young

William Monroe Cates was born 13 November 1821 in North Carolina. He died 06 March 1872 in Obion Co., TN. He is buried in the Obion Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery.

William Monroe was the son of Robert D. Cates and Margaret Carrigan. He married Asenith Ann Young in Weakley Co., TN on 19 August 1846. They were married by J. Marcus, a Justice of the Peace.

Asenith Ann Young was born 19 May 1824 in TN; she died 20 January 1889.

Children of William M. Cates & Asenith A. Young:

Contributor's Note: My relationship to William Monroe Cates: I've been trying to prove for years that William had a sister Martha who married Elijah Lamb and lived out their lives in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Anyone with information on this family can contact me. I'll be glad to share names of other descendants of William Monroe that I know about. Thank you. Dorann Lam
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Cates, Wilson G. & Rebecca S. Long

Husband: Wilson G. (Green?) Cates
Born: 17 March 1811, North Carolina
Died: 07 January 1884, Muhlenberg or Hopkins Co., KY
Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Muhlenberg
Father: Robert D. Cates
Mother: Margaret Carrigan

  1. Unknown (Source: military record)
  2. Rebecca S. Long, married 08 November 1839, Muhlenberg
  3. Mrs. Elizabeth (Maiden Name Unknown) Ritter Johnson, married 18 August 1881, Muhlenberg

Notes on the Wilson G. Cates Family

Wife: Rebecca S. Long
Born: 02 May 1813
Died: 07 March 1879
Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Muhlenberg
Father: Samuel C. Long
Mother: Joanna Culbertson

Children of Wilson Cates & Rebecca Long:

  1. Margaret E. Cates, born about 1841; married Philip Burns Hale, 07 April 1857, Muhlenberg, at Peter Lamb's residence as part of a double wedding with Philip's brother John D. Hale who married Martha Ezrabella Lamb, daughter of Peter and Goodwin Cate Lamb. Philip B. Hale and Margaret lived in Evansville, IN in 1870. She died 18 October 1875. Philip B. remarried in 1876 in Warrick Co., IN and moved to Texas the following year. Philip Burns Hale was the son of Thomas W. Hale and Mary “Polly” Burns.
  2. Samuel Joseph Cates, born 30 May 1842 and died 07 February 1917, Muhlenberg; married Minerva Thraikel, 14 March 1875, Spencer Co., IN, a daughter of Aaron Thrailkel, born in Scotland, and Mary Middleton born in Indiana. Samuel Joseph Cates served in the Civil War as a Union soldier. Samuel J. Cates's Will
  3. Joanna Martha Cates, born about 1844; married Washington Singleton, 28 February 1869, Spencer Co., IN.
  4. Robert D. Cates, born about 1846; died 1863 in the Civil War.
  5. Julia A.A. Cates, born about 1847; married William M. Briscoe, 20 February 1868, Spencer Co., IN.
  6. John Green Cates, born 23 November 1849; died 19 February 1909, Logan Co., KY; married Joanna Mary Long, 25 September 1883, Logan Co., KY. She was a daughter of William B. Long and Mary T. James.
  7. Mary A. Cates, born 07 October 1853; died 06 March 1930; buried Jago Cemetery, Muhlenberg; married Sylvester Lacefield, 19 November 1872, Spencer Co., IN.
  8. Sarah Cates, born January 1856; died 01 April 1856, age 3 months.

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Cessna Family

The Cessna Family in Muhlenberg and McLean Counties

Cessna, Robert & Elizabeth Culbertson

Robert Cessna was born about 1775, probably in Franklin or Bedford Co., Pennsylvania. It is believed that he was the son either Col. Charles Cessna and his wife, Elizabeth Culbertson, or Charles's brother, Lt. William Cessna and his wife, Margaret Williamson.

Robert was married to Elizabeth Culbertson sometime in 1795 or 1796. This is based on the birthdate of their first child, Elizabeth Hester Cessna.

He died in the winter/spring of 1814 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.

Spouse: Elizabeth Culbertson was born to Capt. John Culbertson and his wife Mary, in Pennsylvania. She died in the spring of 1837.

Burial: The gravesites of Robert Cessna, his wife Elizabeth Culbertson Cessna and her mother Mary Culbertson are unknown and/or unmarked. Any information would be welcomed by the researcher.

Children of Robert Cessna and Elizabeth Culbertson, all born in Muhlenberg:

  1. Elizabeth Hester “Eliza”, born November 5, 1796; married John C. Milligan April 3, 1816, son of James Milligan and Elizabeth Cessna; died November 19, 1853, Monroe Co., Missouri.
  2. Mary, born April 10, 1799; married 1) John Smith October 14, 1829; 2) James T. Quisenberry March 2, 1838; died December 1, 1876.
  3. Nancy, born March 16, 1801; married Thomas Kirtley December 31, 1847; died November 29, 1877.
  4. Joannah, born February 2, 1803; married Rev. Adlai Boyd September 9, 1828; died January 3, 1864.
  5. Charles, born about 1805; died between 1818-1822. No further records or information. Any information, court records, etc. are greatly welcome.
  6. Sarah Culbertson “Sallie”, born about 1808; married Rev. Jerome Calvin Berryman October 4, 1831; died 1846, Kickapoo Indian Mission, Missouri.
  7. Margaret “Peggy”, born about 1810-11; married Thomas Newton Berryman October 28, 1828; died 1837.
  8. Robert John Culbertson, born April 7, 1814; married Angeline Calvert September 5, 1843; died August 27, 1890.

See also The Cessna Family in Muhlenberg and McLean Counties
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Cessna, Robert John Culbertson & Angeline Calvert

Robert John Culbertson Cessna
Born: April 7, 1814
Married: September 5, 1843
Died: August 27, 1890
Buried: Cessna Cemetery, Powderly, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
Father: Robert Cessna
Mother: Elizabeth Culbertson

Spouse: Angeline Calvert
Died: March 10, 1906
Buried: Cessna Cemetery, Powderly, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
Father: Bennet Gray Calvert
Mother: Henrietta Clark

Robert John Culbertson Cessna was born April 7, 1814 to Robert Cessna and his wife, Elizabeth Culbertson. He was the youngest of 8 children, 6 sisters and one brother, Charles, who, per the research thus far, did not live to adulthood or father any children. Robert was named after his father and maternal grandfather, John Culbertson.

On January 29, 1838, Robert J.C. was appointed guardian to Robert Newton Berryman, orphan of Thomas Berryman with Adlai Boyd (brother-in-law) and William Sharp (1st cousin) listed as securities. Robert Berryman was the minor child of Margaret “Peggy” Cessna, Robert J.C.'s sister, and her husband Thomas Berryman. Peggy died in 1837, the same year their mother died. Robert J.C. was 23 years old when he was appointed guardian.

On September 5, 1843, at the age of 29, Robert J.C. Cessna married 18 year old Angeline Calvert, daughter of Bennet Gray Calvert and Henrietta Clark. The Calvert family lived in the community of Powderly and both Bennet and Henrietta are buried at the Cessna Cemetery which is located in Powderly next to the Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Robert J.C.'s occupation was farmer.

Per Edgar Cessna, grandson of Robert J.C. and Angeline, Angeline liked to refer to herself as “Angeline, Sarah Fine, Josephine Calvert-used-to-be.” She was described by Edgar as very tiny and bubbly and full of energy and fun and always laughing.

Children of Robert J.C. Cessna & Angeline Calvert:

  1. Robert Marion, born April 25, 1846; married 1) Katherine Culbertson, 2) Sarah Margaret Tooley; died January 29, 1937; buried Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  2. Mary Idumea “Idie,” born about April 1850; married John Bailey Blackwell, Muhlenberg; died date unknown; buried at Shaver's Chapel Cemetery, no dates on headstone, Muhlenberg
  3. Elizabeth J. “Carrie,” born between 1851-1854; married James Glover, date unknown; died March 20, 1893; buried Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  4. Addie Jevona, born April 3, 1856; married James O. Bailey February 5, 1880; died October 9, 1921; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  5. Bernan Calvert “Bud,” born December 9, 1861; never married; died October 13, 1938; buried Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  6. Alice F. “Allie,” born about 1864; married James M. Haden March 5, 1891; died unknown when or where, or where buried. Had one son named Dee.
  7. Margaret Henrietta “Maggie,” born 1866; married Isaac Alexander Calvert; died unknown, probably in McLean Co., Kentucky.

Angeline and Robert J.C. raised the 5 children of Robert Marion and Kathryn Amanda Culbertson Cessna after Katie died in 1879, four months after giving birth to her youngest child, Tom Cessna.

The eldest child of the next marriage of Robert Marion and Sarah Margaret Tooley was named Edgar and he spent a great amount of time at his grandparent's home. He recalled to his children and grandchildren many years later that Angeline had hanging over her hearth the Revolutionary sword and powder horn belonging to Col. Charles Cessna and she made a point of telling her grandchildren that they were descended from Lord Baltimore Calvert of Virginia.

Angeline Calvert Cessna died March 10, 1906, and Robert John Culbertson Cessna died August 27, 1890. Both are buried at Cessna Cemetery, Powderly, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.

See also The Cessna Family in Muhlenberg and McLean Counties
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Cessna, Robert Marion

Born: April 25, 1846 Powderly, Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Married: 1) November 29, 1870 and 2) March 7, 1880
Died: January 29, 1937
Father: Robert John Culbertson Cessna
Mother: Angeline Calvert

Spouse 1) Kathryn Amanda “Katie” Culbertson
Died: April 19, 1879
Father: John Beck Culbertson
Mother: Elizabeth Berryman

Spouse 2) Sarah Margaret Samantha Tooley
Father: Hall Tooley
Mother: Lurany Adcock

Robert Marion Cessna was the first born child of Robert John Culbertson and Angeline Calvert. He was born April 25, 1846 in Powderly, Kentucky and was a farmer all of his life. At the start of the Civil War in 1861, Robert was 15 years old and old enough to go, but the story has it that he did not go as he had a bad limp, due to a fall from a loft in a barn. Pictures of him in his elderly years shows him sporting a cane.

In the 1870 Muhlenberg Census, Robert Marion is shown to be 24 years old, a farm laborer, with an estimated wealth of $300. He was living with his cousin, Robert Boyd, son of his aunt and uncle, Joannah Cessna and her husband, Rev. Adlai Boyd. Robert Boyd was 26 years old and had a wealth of $300. Listed occupation was that of farm laborer. Both men were living with their paternal aunt, Nancy Cessna Kirtley, widow of Thomas Kirtley. In the 1870 census, living next door, was an African American Kirtley family and the thought is that after the Civil War, the Kirtley slaves were freed and so the young men, Robert Boyd and Robert Cessna, went to live with their aunt to help tend the farm.

On November 29, 1870, Robert Marion Cessna married Kathryn Amanda Culbertson, the daughter of his first cousins Elizabeth Berryman and John Beck Culbertson, her husband.

(Elizabeth Margaret Berryman was the daughter of Margaret Cessna Berryman, the daughter of Elizabeth Culbertson Cessna, the daughter of Capt. John Culbertson. John Beck Culbertson was the son of Rebecca Beck and Joseph Culbertson of Ohio Co., Kentucky. Joseph was the eldest son of Capt. John Culbertson and the brother of Elizabeth Culbertson Cessna.)

Children of Robert M. Cessna & Kathryn A. Culbertson:

  1. John Eclas “Eck”, born August 28, 1871; married Mary Elizabeth Calvert December 5, 1893; died November 21, 1956 Island, McLean Co., Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth Calvert was a daughter of William Calvert and Florence Watkins. William Calvert was a son of Reuben Collins Calvert, brother to Mrs. Robert J.C. Cessna, Angeline Calvert Cessna. Reuben Calvert's wife was Mary Elizabeth Long, daughter of Samuel Culbertson Long and his wife Joannah Culbertson, daughter of Capt. John Culbertson and his wife Mary.
  2. Anna Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie”, born March 4, 1873; married Millard J. Eaves August 31, 1932 in South Bend, Indiana; died August 17, 1954, South Bend, Indiana.
  3. Sarah “Sallie”, born unknown; married Jacob C. Bauer, date unnknown; died date unknown but probably in the Russellville, Kentucky area.
  4. Joretta, born unknown; married Frank Murphy, date unknown; died unknown.
  5. Thomas Robert, born December 25, 1878; married Edmonia Murphy about 1902; died May 1, 1946, buried at Cessna Cemetery, Powderly.

On April 19, 1879, just 4 months after Thomas Robert Cessna's birth, Kathryn Amanda Culbertson Cessna died, leaving Robert Marion alone at age 35 with 5 children, ages 7 years thru 4 months.

On March 7, 1880, just 11 months later, 36 year old Robert Marion took a second wife, 20 year old Sarah Margaret Samantha Tooley, daughter of Hall Tooley and Lurany Adcock.

Children of Robert M. Cessna & Sarah M.S. Tooley:

  1. Edgar Earl, born December 5, 1881; married May 30, 1918 to Lillian Mae Anthony in Central City, daughter of Charles McLean Anthony and Adelle Coffman of Earls and Sacramento, KY, respectively; died July 14, 1969, Laton, Fresno Co., California.
  2. Nora Ellen, born March 9, 1883; married December 6, 1906 to Proctor K. Lewis; died July 23, 1920; buried Forest Grove Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  3. Sarah Emily “Emma”, born September 26, 1884; married Robert C. Penrod July 31, 1905; died Apr. 23, 1950; buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Butler Co., Kentucky.
  4. Minnie Viola, born March 10, 1886; married John E. Seiber April 16, 1906; died March 18, 1977, Marissa, Illinois.
  5. William Randolph, born March 7, 1888; married Minnie Esther Gates 1926; died July 10, 1948, Rose Hill Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg
  6. Benjamin, baby and twin of William: Thought to have been buried at Cessna Cemetery. Limited information. Baby died in infancy or at birth.
  7. Emmett Raymond, born October 12, 1890; married Ollie Knight Heltsley May 22, 1916; died February 19, 1982; buried Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  8. Fielden Ezekiel, born May 29, 1894; married Beatress Slaughter May 7, 1921; died April 21, 1974; Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  9. Fannie Beatress, born July 24, 1896; married July 23, 1919 to Oscar L. Strain; died date unknown. Last living in rest home in Owensboro, Kentucky.
  10. Charlie Leonard, born May 29, 1898; married Catherine Reed April 1, 1947; died March 9, 1973; buried Cessna Cemetery, Muhlenberg

Total children for Robert Marion Cessna was 15, 14 of which grew to adulthood. Seven daughters, seven sons. The Cessna name in the Powderly/Central City areas of Muhlenberg and the Island, McLean Co., KY is from the direct lineage of Robert Cessna, his son Robert John Culbertson Cessna and his son, Robert Marion Cessna.

Robert Marion Cessna died January 29, 1937. He was 2 months shy of turning 91 years old.

See also The Cessna Family in Muhlenberg and McLean Counties
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Clifford, Isaac Ambrose & Jane Poag

Husband: Isaac Ambrose Clifford
Occupation: Wool Carder
Born: abt. 1803, Woodford County, KY
Died: July 1864 (Will proved 30 July 1864)
Married: 1) Muhlenberg County, 25 August 1826 to Jane Poag
2) Muhlenberg County, 06 or 09 December 1863, Mrs. Jane Downey Peavler
Father: Michael Clifford
Mother: Phebe

Muhlenberg County Will Book 3, page 220
Will of Isaac A. Clifford, dated 30 June 1863; proven 30 July 1864

To two sons, Joseph P. Clifford and William Clifford, land near South Carrollton, and balance to Mrs. Susan Curd, Pheby Symond, James and Ambrose Farmer and Jane Farmer.
Witnesses: John Kittinger and Bryant C. Bennett
Jane Clifford, widow and relict of Isaac A. Clifford, renounces will or the paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Isaac A. Clifford and “claim my dowable and share of estate of said decedent,” dated and recorded 30 July 1864.

Source: Muhlenberg County KY, Abstracts of Wills & Administrations by Marian G. Hammers, 1968.

Wife 1): Jane Poag
Born: abt. 1808, South Carolina
Died: February 1860, Christian County, KY, age 52 (1860 Mortality Schedule)
Father: Joseph Poag
Mother: Jane Weir

Wife 2): Mrs. Jane Downey Peavler

Muhlenberg County KY Marriage Book 4, pages 459-60
Bond 04 December 1863; Married 06 December 1863
Isaac A. Cifford to Mrs. Jane Pevler
Surety Daniel Peavler (son)
Statement on Bond:
Isaac was born in Woodford County, KY; he was 60 yrs. old
His father was Michael Clifford; his mother was Pheba Clifford, both born US
Jane was born in KY, age 51 years
Her father was James Downey; her mother was Jane (-) Downey
Jane had been married previously.

Children of Isaac A. Clifford & Jane Poag:

  1. Phebe Ann Clifford, born abt. 1832, Kentucky
    10 August 1848, Muhlenberg County - Henry J. Simons (born Germany) married Phebe Ann Clifford
  2. Susan Clifford, born abt. 1830, Kentucky
    Died 1905, buried Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg County, KY
    17 July 1851, Muhlenberg County - Samuel H. Curd married Susan Clifford
  3. James Clifford, born abt. 1834, Kentucky
  4. William W. Clifford, born abt. 1838-1840, Kentucky
    Buried in Kincheloe*#039;s Bluff Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg County, KY
    Tombstone: “W.W. Clifford / Company B, 11th Kentucky Infantry”
    Clifford, William W., Private, I Co, 22 yrs, 20 September 61 at Camp George D. Prentice [Greenville], KY. Transferred to B Co December 61. Captured at battle of Stone's River (Murfreesboro, TN) on 2 January 63 and paroled on 22 March 63. Reported to Camp Chase, OH on 4 April 63. Returned to regiment 15 July 63 at Bowling Green, KY. Discharged 16 December 64 at Bowling Green, KY
  5. Isaac Ambrose Clifford, born abt. 1841-2, Kentucky
  6. Margaret J. Clifford, born abt. 1844

Collins, Michael & Ann Perry

Michael Collins born about 1730 in Bertie Co., North Carolina, son of John Collins (born about 1690 in Nansemond Co., Virginia) & Martha Demsey. Married Ann Perry, daughter of John Perry & Sarah.

Known children of Michael Collins & Ann Perry:

Contributed by Donald Hauser

Collins, Ruth & Albritton Drake

Ruth Collins was born November 12, 1765 in Nash Co., North Carolina, daughter of Michael Collins & Ann Perry. She married Albritton Drake November 12, 1785 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina. Ruth Collins died March 4, 1847 in Muhlenburg Co., Kentucky.

Children of Ruth Collins & Albritton Drake:

  1. John Drake, born 1786; died 1863
  2. Sophia Valentine Drake, born 1789 in North Carolina; died 1875 in Tennessee
  3. Rev. Silas Drake, born 1791 in North Carolina; married Patsy Wells, a daughter of Ruth Collins' sister, Ann Collins and her husband Micajah Wells. Silas Drake died in 1858 in Muhlenburg.
  4. Mosley Collins Drake, born 1795 in North Carolina; married Lourana S. Wells November 25, 1815 in Muhlenburg. Lourana S. Wells is a daughter of Ann Collins, a sister of Ruth Collins, and Micajah Wells. Mosley Drake died in 1885 in Muhlenburg.
  5. James Perry Drake, born 1797; died 1861
  6. Rev. Benjamin Michael Drake, born 1800; died 1860
  7. William Drake, born 1804; died 1868
  8. Edmund Drake, born 1807; died 1888. He married Anna Wells, daughter of Ann Collins, sister of Ruth Collins, and Micajah Wells.

Source: LDS film #0962913, Biographies of Residents of Muhlenburg County, Ky. “History of Kentucky, Illustrated, 1885” by J.H. Battle. Muhlenburg County Wills & Administrations, page 47. “A History of Muhlenburg County” by Otto A. Rothert, 1913. “Heritage” Vol. 1, No. 5, page 63, Revolutionary War Pensioners.
Contributed by Donald Hauser

Coombs, Asa

Birthdate: 11 July 1796
Date of death: 4 December 1877
Place: Muhlenberg
Burial: Heltsley Cemetery near Weir in Muhlenberg

Marriage date: (Second marriage) 2 November 1829
Marriage place: Nelson Co., KY

Wife: 2) Nancy Welsh Stewart, widow of William Stewart
Birthdate: 1813
Date of Death: 29 June 1851
Place of death: Muhlenberg
Father: John Welsh
Mother: Sarah Withers
Burial: May be buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Muhlenberg, in an unmarked grave

Children of Asa Coombs & Nancy Welsh:

  1. George W. Coombs, born 1835; died 1871; married 14 October 1855 Muhlenberg to Virginia M. Dillman.
  2. Martha A. Coombs, born 11 September 1837; died 17 April 1899; Married 9 October 1856 to James W. Casebier. They are buried at Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  3. John Coombs, born 13 January 1840, Bloomfield, Nelson Co., KY; died 4 October 1922 Muhlenberg and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Greenville, Muhlenberg. Married 4 January 1866 Muhlenberg to Mary J. Casebier.
  4. Felix M. Coombs, born about 1844 Nelson Co., KY. Felix is in the 1850 Muhlenberg County census and one deed has been found dated 6 February 1866 in which he bought land from Joshua R. Wakeland and his wife Elizabeth E. Wakeland. No other reference to Felix has been found.

Asa Coombs married a third time: 21 September 1851 Muhlenberg
Wife: Priscilla Malinda Dillman
Birthdate: 25 October 1823
Birthplace: Virginia
Date of death: 19 December 1892
Place of death: Muhlenberg
Father: David Dillman
Mother: Mary Ann Smyth
Burial: Heltsley Cemetery in Muhlenberg

Children of Asa Coombs & Priscilla M. Dillman:

  1. Mary Malinda “Molly” Coombs, born 11 September 1852; married Henry C. “Doc” Wells 12 November 1881. Henry was born 15 August 1851; died 25 December 1919. He was the son of Mosley P. and Louranny Susanna Wells Wells. Molly and Henry are buried at Cherry Grove Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  2. Thomas Jefferson Coombs, born 30 October 1853; died 15 March 1925; married 15 December 1881 to Delia Williams. Delia was born 11 August 1861; died 1 November 1928; she was the daughter of Eli L. and Mary Ann Susan Roll. He is buried at Nebo Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  3. David Dillman Coombs, born 6 April 1855; died 30 April 1929; married Ida Lou Swinney 23 December 1894. Ida was born 9 January 1877; died 19 October 1950. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Davidella Patten Dukes Swinney. David and Ida are buried at Judges Chapel Church Cemetery, Christian Co., KY.
  4. Elias (or Elijah) Wink Coombs, born 6 February 1858; died 23 February 1943 Dawson Springs, Hopkins Co., KY; married 27 October 1889 Mary Ann Fikes. Mary Ann was born 11 November 1868; died 7 January 1923. She was the daugher of John and Margaret Jane Porter Fikes. Elias/Elijah and Mary Ann are buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Greenville, Muhlenberg.
  5. Samuel Christopher Coombs, born 10 June 1865; died 22 April 1935; married 1) Ann L. Mannahan 11 December 1887; 2) Hettie Rosetta Oglesby 12 May 1903. Read Samuel Christopher Coombs' family sheet.
  6. Charles Morton Coombs, born 11 February 1869; died 8 February 1937; married 26 November 1889 to Dora Hogan. Dora was born 29 November 1870; died 11 November 1930. She was the daughter of Tom and Sally Warner Hogan. Charlie and Dora are buried in the Johnson's Chapel Church Cemetery in Christian Co., KY.
  7. William Henry Coombs, born 30 May 1860; died September 1880 and is buried in the Heltsley Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  8. Asa Coombs, born 11 February 1857; died near birth.

Contributed by Jean Wells

Coombs, Samuel Christopher

Born: 10 June 1865 Muhlenberg
Died: 22 April 1935 Christian Co., KY
Father: Asa Coombs
Mother: Priscilla Melinda Dillman

Married: 1) Annie L. Mannahan 11 December 1887 Christian Co., Kentucky

Annie L. Mannahan
Born August 1870 Christian Co., Kentucky
Died: 1900/1903 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
Father: William Mannahan
Mother: Frances L. Wells

Married: 2) Hettie Rosetta Oglesby 12 May 1903 Hopkins Co., Kentucky

Hettie Rosetta Oglesby
Born: 10 October 1876 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
Died: 21 September 1965 Elkton, Todd Co., Kentucky
Father: Henry Harrison Oglesby
Mother: Elizabeth Mannahan

Chris and Hettie are buried at the Rock Bridge Methodist Church Cemetery in northeast Christian Co., Kentucky.

Children of Samuel C. Coombs & Annie L. Mannahan:

  1. Volonia Anthony Coombs
    Born: 23 June 1890 Christian Co., Kentucky
    Died: 11 December 1928 Florence, Colorado
    Married: (1) Ann Elizabeth Bone 26 September 1912 Christian Co., Kentucky
    Married (2) Maude Dolman Wells 1916/1923 Christian Co., Kentucky
  2. Vego Coombs
    Born: April 1895 Todd Co., Kentucky
    Died: 18 April 1969 Summit, Ohio
    Married: Nora Wilson 11 August 1917 Christian Co., Kentucky
  3. Viva Ople Coombs
    Born: 30 December 1896
    Died: 12 February 1946
    Married: Claude Silas Franklin 21 April 1912
  4. Vossie Coombs
    Born: August 1888
    Died: 1900/1903
  5. Vidas Coombs
    Died as a small child
  6. Vivian Coombs
    Died as a small child

Children of Samuel C. Coombs & Hettie R. Oglesby:

  1. Elizabeth Malinda Coombs
    Born: 28 February 1904 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 7 August 1989 Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Burial: Rock Bridge Methodist Church Cemetery, Christian Co., Kentucky
  2. Lena Beatrice Coombs
    Born: 18 November 1905 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 5 September 1995 Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Kentucky
    Married: Earl Bivins 13 August 1923 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Earl and Beatrice are buried in the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  3. Reginald Eugene Coombs
    Born: 2 October 1907 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 1 March 1975 Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Married: Artie Mae Lile 10 April 1935 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Reginald and Artie are buried at the Cave Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Muhlenberg.
  4. Bobbie Lee Coombs
    Born: 2 September 1909 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 17 June 1989 Muhlenberg
    Married: Rosa Peterson 11 January 1941 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Bobbie is buried in the Greens Chapel General Baptist Church Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  5. Gladys Coombs
    Born: 12 October 1912 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 17 June 1989 Muhlenberg
    Married: Ira “Hutch” Browning 2 April 1929 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Hutch and Gladys are buried at the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Muhlenberg.
  6. Sidney Samuel Coombs
    Born: 10 June 1915 Hopkins Co., Kentucky
    Died: 1 March 1977 Greenville, Muhlenberg
    Married: Retha Mae Rice on 25 September 1937 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Sidney is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery, Greenville, Muhlenberg.
  7. Harrison Acey Coombs
    Born: 24 February 1918 Muhlenberg
    Died: 14 May 1974 Christian Co., Kentucky
    Married: Eura Marie Jones 23 December 1939 Muhlenberg
    Burial: Harrison was buried in the Elkton Memorial Gardens, Todd Co., Kentucky; he was moved to the Fruit Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Christian Co., Kentucky in July 1999. Eura Coombs is also buried in the Fruit Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery.

Contributed by Jean Wells

Culbertson, Capt. Alexander & Margaret

Alexander Culbertson
Born: May 17, 1714(?) in Ballymoney, Antrim Co., Ireland
Died: April 2, 1756 near McCord's Fort at the Battle of Sideling Hill, known as the Battle of Bloody Run, during the French & Indian War

Spouse: Margaret, surname unknown, possibly Duncan

Capt. Alexander Culbertson was born in May 17, 1714(?) in Ballymoney, Antrim Co., Ireland and immigrated to the Colonies between 1730-35, settled near Chambersburg, PA, and established a farm with his brothers (he had two brothers Samuel and Robert) and a cousin, called “Culbertson Row” in Lurgan/Greene Twp. in Franklin County. Alexander was killed April 2, 1756 near McCord's Fort at the Battle of Sideling Hill, known as the Battle of Bloody Run, during the French & Indian War.

Capt. Alexander Culbertson and his wife Margaret had the following children:

  1. Samuel, born 1741, married 1) Margaret Henderson and 2) Elizabeth McClay.
  2. Robert, born 174?, married but wife's name is unknown.
  3. Elizabeth, born 1747, married Col. Charles Cessna March 4, 1770, son of John Cessna and wife, name unknown, of Shippensburg, PA.
  4. James, married but wife's name is unknown.
  5. Alexander, born 1750, married to Mary Sharpe, daughter of Capt. James Sharp and wife, Margery McConnell.
  6. John, born 1753, married to Mary last name unknown.
  7. Joseph, born 1755-56, died March, 1776, Three Rivers, Canada.

All of Alexander & Margaret's sons served in the Revolutionary War.

Sources: Research submitted by Cheryl Cessna of Fresno, California. References include all available materials within Muhlenberg archives and the “Genealogy of the Culbertson Family” by Dr. L.R. Culbertson, 1923, & “History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky” by Otta A. Rothert, 1913. Any new or amended research and/or information regarding the above family is greatly welcomed!!
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Culbertson, Capt. John & Mary

John Culbertson
Born: About 1753
Died: 1844
Burial: Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church, near Central City, Muhlenberg
Father: Capt. Alexander Culbertson
Mother: Margaret [possibly Duncan]

Spouse: Mary
Died: October 9, 1801 in Muhlenberg

Capt. John Culbertson was born about 1753 and was a son of Capt. Alexander Culbertson and his wife, Margaret, last name unknown but possibly Duncan.

John took his first land claim in Logan County, now Muhlenberg, in November 1796 in the Nelson Creek area. He also had land on the Green River and this area was called Culbertson's Ford. He settled with his family and also son-in-law Robert Cessna, and they both helped with the surveying and development of the roads in the county. He was on the first grand jury in Muhlenberg. He was appointed first county coroner in 1799 by the Governor of the State.

Capt. Culbertson was a deacon in the Mt. Zion Church in the Central City area from 1800 until his death in 1844 and is buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery. His wife Mary preceded him in death on October 9, 1801, per the Muhlenberg Court Records as recorded by Edward Manley and listed in the booklet “Meanwhile in Muhlenberg” by Edith Bennett, 1979. The appraisement of John Culbertson's estate in 1847 shows it contained ten slaves. He deeded land to his children before his death.

Children of John & Mary Culbertson:

Sources: Research submitted by Cheryl Cessna of Fresno, California. References include all available materials within Muhlenberg archives and the “Genealogy of the Culbertson Family” by Dr. L.R. Culbertson, 1923, & “History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky” by Otta A. Rothert, 1913. Any new or amended research and/or information regarding the above family is greatly welcomed.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Culbertson, John Beck & Elizabeth M.A. Berryman

John Beck Culbertson
Born: September 3, 1813
Married: November 26, 1846
Died: August 16, 1872
Father: Joseph Culbertson
Mother: Rebecca Beck

Spouse: Elizabeth Margaret Alice Berryman
Born: About 1830
Father: Thomas Newton Berryman
Mother: Margaret Cessna [first cousin of John Beck Culbertson]

John Beck Culbertson married Elizabeth Margaret Alice Berryman on November 26, 1846. The Culbertson Book by Dr. L.R. Culbertson indicates that this couple moved to Ohio County, Ky. in about 1846, but the records indicate that John's father, Joseph, married in and lived in Ohio County as early as 1805. There is no marriage record of John Beck Culbertson and Elizabeth Berryman in the Muhlenberg Co. Marriage books and thus far, no record of the Culbertson/Berryman marriage is listed in the Ohio Co. records.

Elizabeth, born about 1830, was the daughter of Thomas Newton Berryman and Margaret Cessna of Muhlenberg, Margaret being a daughter of Robert Cessna and Elizabeth Culbertson.

Elizabeth Culbertson Cessna and Joseph Culbertson, father of John Beck Culbertson, were siblings. John Beck Culbertson and Margaret Cessna were first cousins. Thus, John Beck Culbertson married his first cousins daughter, Elizabeth.

In 1837, Margaret Cessna Berryman died, leaving her husband Thomas Newton and her two children, Elizabeth Margaret and Robert Newton Berryman. In the Court records in Muhlenberg County, Margaret Cessna Berryman's sister, Nancy Cessna, was named guardian of Elizabeth and Robert John Culbertson Cessna, Margaret's brother, was named guardian of Robert Newton Berryman.

Researchers had determined that both Margaret and Thomas Newton died but new evidence has been found that indicates that Thomas Berryman did not die but lived in Ohio Co., Kentucky near his father, Gerard Blackstone Berryman. Other information indicates that Thomas Newton Berryman died in Kansas and left a will there but this information needs further research.

Research of the Culbertson family indicates that John Culbertson and son-in-law Robert Cessna had their original land grants on the Green River along with James Milligan. It would be a fair, logical conclusion that Joseph Culbertson lived on the Ohio County side of the Green River, not far from his father and sister and that the families stayed in close contact, thus allowing for the intermarriage of John Beck and Elizabeth.

John and Elizabeth had 12 children:

Source: Much of this information comes from the L.R. Culbertson Genealogy Book and Muhlenberg and Ohio Co., Kentucky resources.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Culbertson, Joseph & Rebecca Beck

Joseph Culbertson
Born: March 31, 1777
Married: March 21, 1805 in Ohio Co., Kentucky
Died: about 1818
Father: Capt. John Culbertson
Mother: Mary

Spouse: Miss Rebecca Beck
Born: March 10, 1787
After Joseph's death, Rebecca remarried to a Mr. Garrett.

Joseph and Rebecca lived near Springfield, Illinois and had the following children:

Source: Much of this information comes from the L.R. Culbertson Genealogy Book and Muhlenberg and Ohio Co., Kentucky resources.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Culbertson, Samuel & Jennet Shield

In reference to Muhlenberg County family history, it is important that the family tree of Samuel Culbertson, brother to Capt. Alexander Culbertson, be listed here as well:

Samuel Culbertson was married to Jennet Shield and had his farm at Culbertson Row in Lurgan/Greene Twp., Franklin Co., PA. They had a large family of 12 children, 6 sons and 6 daughters.

Children of Samuel Culbertson & Jennet Shield:

Sources: Research submitted by Cheryl Cessna of Fresno, California. References include all available materials within Muhlenberg archives and the “Genealogy of the Culbertson Family” by Dr. L.R. Culbertson, 1923, & “History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky” by Otta A. Rothert, 1913. Any new or amended research and/or information regarding the above family is greatly welcomed!!
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

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