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Allen, George Matterson & Susan Anna Leach

Born: August 12, 1847 in Grayson Co., KY
Marriage: April 29, 1868
Died: July 7, 1913 in Hardin Co., KY
Parents: George Washington Allen & Sibby Oldham

Spouse: Susan Anna Leach
Born: December 7, 1847
Died: October 8, 1938 in Muhlenberg
Parents: Richard Leach & Electia Hull

Burial: They are buried in Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery, Hardin Co., KY.

Children or George M. Allen & Susan A. Leach:

  1. Albert M. Allen, born 1868 and died August 7, 1870
  2. Sibby E. Allen, born February 5, 1869 and died April 17, 1900; married James Alexander King who was born May 2, 1862 and died April 22, 1937 and is buried in McCord Cemetery in Ohio Co., KY, the son of Squire King & Pallie Embry.
  3. Leona A. Allen, born November 17, 1871 and died April 11, 1937 in Bullitt Co., KY, and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Bullitt County; married 1) Silas Elder who was born October 21, 1868 and died June 27, 1951, son of Noah Elder and Elizabeth Woolsey; 2) Bud Pugh.
  4. Eliza A. Allen, born November 7, 1873 and died February 15, 1955; married Samuel Richard Taylor who was born January 9, 1845 in North Carolina and died August 25, 1922, the son of Richard and Zilla Taylor. They are buried in Wilson Home Baptist Church Cemetery in Butler County.
  5. George Washington Allen born January 1, 1875 and died November 24, 1954 in Todd Co., KY; married Sallie Elizabeth Cummings who was born November 8, 1863 and died December 9, 1947, the daughter of Isaac Cummings and Malinda Calloway. They married November 14, 1901. They are buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Muhlenberg County. He married 2) Lou Belle Buckley who was born June 14, 1877 and died April 15, 1969.
  6. Mattie B. Allen, born March 7, 1876 and died May 27, 1896; married Charles Minton who died September 19, 1894.
  7. Nelie Allen, born March 10, 1878 and died before 1900
  8. Luther Allen, born July 1, 1881 and died before 1900
  9. Odie Ellis Allen, born August 1, 1885 and died July 28, 1955 in Jefferson Co., KY; married Zella May Fowler who was born March 27, 1890 and died June 24, 1968 in Jefferson County, the daughter of John B. Fowler and Rebecca Criswell. They are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jefferson County. They were married March 8, 1906 in Grayson Co., KY. They were living in Muhlenberg County in 1910, he was a detective for Illinois Central Railroad.
  10. Vasti Allen born October 5, 1887 and died July 20, 1888

Contributed by Helen McKeown December 12, 2005

Allen, George Washington & Sallie Elizabeth Cummings

Nickname: “Bud”
Born: January 1, 1875
Marriage 1: November 14, 1901
Died: November 24, 1954 in Todd Co., KY
Parents: George Matterson Allen and Susan Anna Leach
Note: Farmed in Muhlenberg County for over 35 years.

Spouse 1: Sallie Elizabeth Cummings
Born: November 8, 1863
Died: December 9, 1947
Parents: Isaac Cummings and Malinda Calloway

Burial: They are buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Muhlenberg Co., KY.

Spouse 2: Lou Belle Buckley
Born: June 14, 1877
Died: April 15, 1969

Children of George Allen & Sallie Cummings:

  1. Debbie Allen born January 12, 1903 and died July 10, 1903 and is buried in Equality Cemetery in Ohio Co., KY.
  2. Georgia May Allen born March 29, 1906 and died June 4, 1941; married Joseph Elmer McGhee who was born January 18, 1896 and died August 29, 1987, the son of Joseph Elmer McGhee and Mary Rose Metcalf. They are buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Muhlenberg County. They married March 23, 1923.

Contributed by Helen McKeown

Anderson, William & Nancy J. Cates

Husband: William Anderson
Born: about 1810, Kentucky
Died: Will written 24 April 1878, probated August 1878 [See Will]
Spouse: 1) Charity McElvain, 05 March 1829, Muhlenberg
2) Nancy J. Cates, 25 November 1854, Weakley Co., Tennessee

Wife: Nancy J. Cates
Born: 08 April 1822, Bedford Co., Tennessee
Died: 19 January 1912, Muhlenberg [See Death Certificate]
Father: Robert D. Cates
Mother: Margaret Carrigan

Marriage Record from Muhlenberg Vital Statistics, 1854:

Children of William Anderson & Nancy Cates:

  1. Wilson Green Anderson, born 01 October 1855, Muhlenberg; died 01 September 1917, Muhlenberg; married iMary M. Capps, 26 August 1877, Muhlenberg
  2. Elijah J. Anderson, born 27 May 1857, Muhlenberg; died 18 June 1918, Muhlenberg; married 1) Mary F. Hays, 07 March 1878, Muhlenberg; married 2) Nancy A. Tyson, 14 April 1885, Muhlenberg
  3. Abraham F. Anderson, born 18 January 1859; died 14 May 1862; buried Bethel Cemetery, Muhlenberg
  4. Julia Ann Frances Anderson, born about 1862. In the 1880 Muhlenberg County census she was listed as a servant in the home of John Morton.

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Anthony, Charles McLean & Adelle Coffman

Charles McLean Anthony married Adelle Coffman about 1880. Adelle was the daughter of Issac Coffman and Mary Coffman. Her parents were first cousins.

Children of Charles M. Anthony & Adelle Coffman:

Any further information on any of the above mentioned families would be greatly appreciated.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

Anthony, Philip & Sarah Rose

Philip Anthony, died 1817
Married to a Sara Rose(??). After his death, Sara Rose married Thomas Stokes: he is listed in the Philip Anthony's will as “husband of the widow of decedent”.

The Muhlenberg County Anthony's begin in Hopkins Co., Kentucky. This is far back as this branch has been able to go. Not much research appears to have been done on this line as nothing is in print but the family welcomes any existing and/or new information.

A will recorded in Will Book 4, page 62, of Hopkins Co., Kentucky, belonged to Philip Anthony, who died there in 1817. The will was administered by Jacob Anthony, presumed to be Philip's brother. Jacob was from Muhlenberg. In the will, the heirs of Philip Anthony are listed and a widow is listed but unnamed. Based on other research, a family was pieced together for Philip. We do not know his place of birth.

It is believed that some of the siblings of Philip were Jacob, who died intestate in 1842 in Muhlenberg, and Mary Jane or “Polly” who was married to Issac Rust. Lillian Anthony, great granddaughter of Philip Anthony, always stated that she was related to the Rusts, the Jenkins and the Cobbs on her dad's side.

Children of Philip Anthony & Sarah Rose:

Any further information on any of the above mentioned families would be greatly appreciated.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna, 3rd great granddaughter of Philip Anthony.

Anthony, Thomas J. & Katherine Barfield

Thomas J. Anthony married Katherine “Kitsey” Barfield on October 29, 1832 in Muhlenberg. Kitsey was a daughter of Thomas C. Barfield and Cinderilla Wilkins.

Children of Thomas J. Anthony & Kitsey Barfield:

Any further information on any of the above mentioned families would be greatly appreciated.
Contributed by Cheryl Cessna

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