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Death Certificates: Q

Quisenberry, George Washington

Quisenberry, Henry D.

Certificate No. 22983
Place of Death
County Muhlenberg
City or town - Powderly
Usual Residence
State Ky.
County Muhlenberg
City or town - Powderly
Full Name Henry D. Quisenberry
Male White Married
Name of wife Margaret A. Quisenberry
Age of wife if alive 63 years
Birth date of deceased October 4, 1869
Age 71 years 11 months 8 days
Birthplace Ky.
Occupation Farmer
Name E.E. Quisenberry
Birthplace Ky.
Maiden Name Margarette Davis
Birthplace Ky.
Informant Albert Quisenberry, Powderly, Ky.
Burial Place Withers
Date September 14, 1941
Funeral director Greenville Funeral Home, Greenville, Ky.
Date of Death September 12, 1941
Cause of Death Nephritis
Doctor E.L. Gates, Greenville, Ky.

Quisenberry, Jim

Certificate No. 14138 DELAY
Place of Death
County Muhlenberg
Vot. Pct. South Carrolton
Full Name Jim Quishenberry
Male Col. Married
Date of Birth May 13, 1927 [sic]
Age 50 years
Occupation Plaster
Birthplace South Carrolton, Ky.
Name of Father Hence(?) Quishenbery
Birthplace of Father South Carrolton
Maiden Name of Mother Mary(?) Quishenbery
Birthplace of Mother South Carrolton
Informant Bettie Quishenberry, South Carrolton
Date of Death May 13, 1927
Cause of Death Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Doctor R.T. Bailey, Central City, Ky.
Place of Burial South Carrolton, Ky.
Date of Burial May 15, 1927
Undertaker James E. George, Central City, Ky.

Quisenberry, Louis

Certificate No. 21148
Place of Death
County Muhlenberg
City - Central City
Full Name Louis Quisenberry
Residence 408 North First St.
Male Colored Married
Husband of Alberta Quisenberry
Date of Birth April 10, 1869
Age 70 years
Occupation Miner
Birthplace Don't Know
Name George Quisenberry
Birthplace Don't Know
Maiden Name Don't Know
Birthplace Don't Know
Informant Torans(?) Martin, Central City
Burial Place Cleaton
Date August 3, 1939
Undertaker Eugene S. Elliott, Greenville, Ky.
Date of Death August 1, 1939
Cause of Death Arteriosclerosis - heart
Doctor J.L. Fitzhugh, Central City, Ky.

Quisenberry, Meuzetta

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