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Contributor Email
County Coordinator J.P. Johnsonjahlapenos at gmail dot com
ObxdayzObxdayz at aol dot com
PatSrPTyreosf at aol dot com
Margaret Alfordmsalford at mindspring dot com
Erin Alliceerin.allice at hotmail dot com
Sandra Griffith Baileybailey.james at mchsi dot com
Robert at sympatico dot ca
Betty Boonebeboone at san dot rr dot com
Joseph D. Brownkentuckyeagle79 at yahoo dot com
Charlie Bourlandcrbourland at comcast dot net
Jean Rhoads Camasjrcgenealogy at optonline dot net
Cheryl Cessnadutchgalncal11 at comcast dot net
Amy Clemamclemrn at bellsouth dot net
Cindy Birk Conleycbconly at midwest dot net
Barb Allen Coonsbncoons at att dot net
Cindy Courtiercourtierwrites at sbcglobal dot net
Barb Curtisdeceased
Amie Danielacdaniel at intrex dot net
Ed Dickersoneddickerson45 at hotmail dot com
Barry Duvall2duvalls at bellsouth dot net
Dave Edwardsdavejanedwards at yahoo dot com
Fred Farberffarber at bellsouth dot net
Judy Flemingjudithc at adelphia dot net
Debbie Staples Frankkwf4112 at roadrunner dot com
Robert C. Graysongrayson.r at comcast dot net
Millie Vincent Grindstaffocalanne at aol dot com
Evelyn Hattonevelyn_hatton at yahoo dot com
Mary Hattondeceased
Donald Hauserdonaldhauser at earthlink dot net
Bruce Wayne HawkinsBrcDknght at aol dot com
Marilyn Toomey Heidingsfeldermtmarilyn at yahoo dot com
Kitt Heuerafret602001 at yahoo dot com
Roxanne HicksRHicks8445 at sigecom dot net
Andrew Jamesjamesfamily_2008 at hotmail dot com
Kathy Johnstoncats at madisonville dot com
Tamara Kincaidetamarakincaide at att dot net
Michelle L. Knightkevinknight at wideopenwest dot com
Dorann O'Neal LamDDoublam at aol dot com
Rodger Langleychfadafuture at gmail dot com
Wanda Leecatbells at hcinet dot net
Anita Looperslooper at woh dot rr dot com
Regina Madlemmadreg60 at gmail dot com
Mary K. Evitts Marlattmaryk dot marlatt at louisville dot edu
Jim La Mastusdogears11 at comcast dot net
Linda McCauleyLfm907 at cs dot com
Helen McKeownhelen at imckeown dot com
Debbie Streets Meyerdmeyer50 at msn dot com
Lynda Millerlrmiller66 at hotmail dot com
Gary G. Mosleygarygmusmc at aol dot com
Nathan Murphynwm8 at email dot byu dot edu
Rhonda NeumannRhnd603 at aol dot com
Brian Nicholasbkn062368 at yahoo dot com
Robert Pattersonelmozz at hotmail dot com
Katherine Paytonkpayton at logantele dot com
Jake Penrodjpeanrkode at aol dot com
Joe W. Powelljoewpowell at suddenlink dot net
Randy PritchettKENTUCKYUSA10 at aol dot com
Judy Penrod Purcelljudyppurcell at tx dot rr dot com
Harold W. Rardenrarden at alltell dot net
Donna Renauddonnarenaud at gmail dot com
Becky Ricebrice3057 at charter dot net
Emily Rowee.rowe12 at yahoo dot com
Helen B. Rutledgehlbrutledge at gmail dot com
Frances “Fran” Nelson Salyerskykinsearcher at gmail dot com
Bobbie Shaferbnb2054 at comcast dot net
Roberta Smithlizianthusr at gmail dot com
Julie McDougall SobczakJuJu108130 at aol dot com
Marcie Simpsonmksimpson at tds dot net
Kit Sinyardsinyard57 at charter dot net
Lynda S. Smithlssmithsearcher at hotmail dot com
Gil Stewartgstew59 at bellsouth dot net
Ryan Stewartcnc19730 at yahoo dot com
Judy Stodghilljkstodg at gmail dot com
Betty Southard Stokesbettystokes1950 at yahoo dot com
Robert & Christine Stomstomc at centurytel dot net
Andrea Stonea.n.stone09 at gmail dot com
Lucy Straitlucystrait at aol dot com
Charlie Tarrantstarrancb at delhi dot edu
Joe Taylorvcjtaylor at aol dot com
Mary Thoeniseptmcdade at yahoo dot com
Judy & Steve Tolbertstolbert4 at gmail dot com
Rachel Towedaisyacres at mindspring dot com
Ginger WalkerRonginwalker at aol dot com
Larry Welbornlwelborn at ocregister dot com
Jean Wellsjwells1937 at yahoo dot com
David M. Wilkinsdwilkins627 at gmail dot com
Larry Williamslarryandfay at hotmail dot com
Steve Woodwoodstw at mindspring dot com
Sue Heflin Woolseyshwoolsey at cox dot net
Dwayne Wrightsmandwayne55 at comcast dot net

Updated January 30, 2015