Mt. Carmel Church History

Mt. Carmel Church Is 114 Years Old

By Edwards M. Manley. The Messenger, Central City, Ky., Thursday, Aug. 5, 1954

The Mt. Carmel Church was formed Dec. 21, 1839 by Elder Simeon Vaught, who had been licensed to solemnize the rites of matrimony Oct. 6, 1823, in Muhlenberg. The Nelson Creek Church was the mother of Mt. Carmel. The 14 charter members bearing letters from Nelson Creek, forming Mt. Carmel were, namely:


Elder J.B. Dunn was pastor from 1840 until 1845; J.M. Bennett, 1846-1850; J.F. Austin, 1851-1858; Alfred Taylor, 1850-1861; J.S. Taylor, 1862-1863; W.P. Bennett, 1864-1874; J.T. Casebier, 1875-1876.


R.W. Cundiff was the first clerk of Mt. Carmel, holding that office from 1840 through 1851. Later clerks were T.H. Hendrick, C.A. Bodine, D.B. Roll and H.H. Dennis, the latter holding office from 1868-1876, the last record I have of Mt. Carmel.

I have a complete list of the names of the messengers attending the annual Gasper River Association meeting. Mt. Carmel belonged to that association. Two or three members were chosen annually to attend.

Children of Benjamin T. & Mary Casebier

Benjamin T. and Mary Casebier, charter members, were the parents of these known children, Catherine, James, Mary Jane, Sarah A., Robert W., John Dunn, Benjamin Y., Antoinette and Melissa. These names were taken from the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Muhlenberg. No other children were born by the 1870 census.

David B. Roll

D.B. Roll, in the clerk's listing for Mt. Carmel, was David B. Roll, born Sept. 16, 1826, Muhlenberg County, and in 1849 married Margaret A. Jackson. David B. Roll was a son of Abraham Roll and Rachel V. Rhoades, his wife. Abraham Roll was a son of Michael Roll, a soldier of the Revolution.

G. & E. Roll

The G. Roll and E. Roll listed as charter members of Mt. Carmel, 1840, were perhaps Greenberry Roll and his wife, Elizabeth Helsley (Heltsley).