Drakesboro Methodist Church


Drakesboro Methodist Church

Photo contributed by Roberta Smith

Men of Drakesboro Methodist Church 1931

Photo taken between 1925 - 1927. Names from left to right, starting with the back row and moving forward:

BACK ROW: Otis (Chuck) Robinson, Arthur Litton, Arthur Silvey, B.B. Grice, Clifton Roberson, ? Brewer, J.R. (Bud) Kimmel, John Wilkins, Claude Wilkins

FIFTH ROW: Bob Allen, Drake Isaac, unknown, unknown, Finis Langley, Harvey Sumner, Jack Mansfield, Ray Landrum

FOURTH ROW: Dr. H.D. Newman, William T. “Will” Davis, Mr. Creasy, Raymond Mefford, Malcum Hardison, Forest Tate, Less Lovell, Paul Landrum, John Kennedy, Alex Pellow, James Pellow

THIRD ROW: Pierce Jones, Dan Cather, Clarence Davis, William Powell, Emitt Newman, Argel Robinson, unknown, ? Williams, ? King, Walter Wolf, ? Whitmer, the Rev. Felix Sanders

SECOND ROW: Jim Revelett, Cleve Bowlin, Guy Saterfield, Claud Revelett, unknown, Henry Cundiff, W.W. Bridges, Charley Mansfield, Henderson Mason, Jess Jernigan, Kermit “Red” Casebier

FIRST ROW: Walton Kelley, Pat Davis, Fred Mullins, William Cundiff, Wilburt Whitaker (holding unknown child), George Owens, Carl Bennett, Alfred Sitz, James Landrum, Stanley Williams, unknown
Contributed by Fran Salyers

Members of the Drakesboro Methodist Church 1931

Photo taken between 1925 - 1927. The men are the same as in the above picture of the men of the Drakesboro Methodist Church, but this photo also includes the women and the children of the church.
Contributed by Fran Salyers


A History of Drakesboro Methodist Church 1884-1984


Transcription of the Church Register, Methodist Episcopal Church, South (now Drakesboro United Methodist Church), Drakesboro, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Transcribed by Fran Salyers, Frankfort, Kentucky June 2007

Judy Brown LaFlare, a member of the church, made this wonderful old membership register available to me. Thanks, Judy.

Construction of the present-day Drakesboro United Methodist Church began in 1912 on the site of the church's previous building. The new building was open by 1914, based on the register's recording of the first wedding performed there. (For some reason, only three weddings are recorded in the register.)

The latest date in the register is 1934, when George S. Wood was appointed pastor. The latest addition in the original list of members is dated April 4, 1915.

In the back of the register are pages labeled “Church roll revised Oct. 28, 1919, A.H. Reynolds, Pastor.” This revised section appears to be a copy of the original register with some names added between 1919 and 1921.

Some names in the register are crossed out, with occasional notations that a member has died, transferred to another church, or is simply “gone.” It is not clear when the notations were made.

The register contains many blank pages. Still, the names that were recorded may be useful to many whose Muhlenberg County ancestors were affiliated with the Methodist denomination.