Cherry Hill Baptist

Contributed by Sue Heflin Woolsey

Cherry Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Rone, Wendell Holmes. The Centennial Story of the Cherry Hill Missionary Baptist Church: 1887-1987. Printed by Wendell Sandefur, Falls of Rough, KY, 40119. Phone 276-5554. 1987.

The Cherry Hill Church was founded in September, 1887 by Rev. William Henry Woodson and Rev. Leander Jackson Stirsman with sixteen members from the Bethel Baptist Church and the Mt. Pisgah Church. The families were: Woodson, Humphrey, Millard, Stirsman and Brown families. Rev. William Henry Woodson (1833-1931) was the first Pastor of Cherry Hill Church. The 1889 church services were held in the old log Humphrey School.

Although the First Record Book was lost, the founding members were noted as follows:

Within a few years, other persons to become church members were:

Cherry Hill Church Pastors: 1887-1939