History of Cave Springs Missionary Baptist Church

Contributed by Jean Wells

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Early records for the Cave Springs Church have been lost. It is believed that there was a church established 1806/1807 and disbanded, to be re-established in 1833. In earlier days they met in homes of various members. Later a church was built on HWY 853 near Long Creek.

There was on the Starling and Mourning Hill Farm a high hill which was known as the Bobby Coombs Farm for several years. At the foot of this hill was a cave, and in the cave was a spring flowing with water. The first church was a one-room log church. We don't know the exact year the church was dedicated.

Starling Hill and wife gave land for the church for twenty-five cents. They deeded the land to Cave Springs Church trustees James Utley, James Wells and David Dukes.

The Church was moved from the Hill Farm to the present location - two miles or less - about 1895/1896.

It seems that all business meetings were held on Saturday before the third Lord's Day each month. At one time they changed this to the second Saturday. Meetings were held in the home of one of the church members or at the church.

All business meetings opened with prayer and praise. Second: Invited visiting brethren and sisters to sit with them in fellowship. Third: Inquired about fellowship. Most of the time it was “all in peace”. Occasionally a member would accuse another member of wrong-doing. Sometimes they were told to settle the disagreement among themselves. For more serious offenses a committee was appointed to go talk to the parties involved. For some offenses the member could be excluded from the church: drunkenness, cursing, cohabiting, going to play parties, dancing, stealing or for non-attendance without good cause.

Abstracts from Minute Book 1

“October 19, 1833 - We the members of Mt. Carmel Church met and organized ourselves…a church in which name is Cave spring Church. To wit, Benjamin Pannell, Jordan Bass, Jacob Utley, and William Dodd members of Mount Carmel Church of Bethel Association by the request of this people and with the authority from Mt. Carmel of Jesus Christ of United Baptist to receive members in order for the constitution…”

Received as members: Jesse Murphy, Susan Walker, Young Lovelace, Amanda Lovelace, John Moor, Mary Moor, Tempa Cary, Minerva Shelton, Alcey Edwards, Polly Duval, John Owen, Martha Bivin, Jordan Bass, Nancy Bass, Sina Riston, Moriah Taylor.

February 1841, they met on Saturday before the fourth Lord's Day. Brother Thomas Murphy was appointed Church Clerk. A committee of three was appointed to examine the condition of the church book with her constitution and rules of decorum and make out the necessary records and report to our next meeting. James Utley, [K.G.] Hay and Thomas Terry.

September 1841, during protracted meeting, Martha [can't read], Polly L. Dukes, and Elizabeth Ann Duvall all joined by Baptism

September 1842, received Nancy Ann Shelton, Nancy Jane Dukes and Wm. H. Hunt for Baptism.

June 1844, Sarah Martha Utley was Baptized and joined the church.

August 1847, protracted meeting was held. On Sunday night received John Turner for Baptism, restored John Moor. On Monday night received Nathaniel D. Owen for Baptism.

This meeting continued nine more days in which time the following were received as members: Edward Hunt, F.L. Cary, Merida K. Wells, Sarah Dukes, Elizabeth Grace, John F. Dukes, Temperance Dukes, Martha Edwards, Riley Stirsman, Mary Dukes, Permelia Butler, Josiah Stirsman, George Moor, Uriah Hunt, E.G. Hunt, Josiah W. Dukes, William Edwards, Henry N. Grace and Ellen Marcum. James U. Spurlin was the moderator, Thomas Murphy church clerk.

August 1849, a protracted meeting was held. During this meeting the following were received into the church: Nedum Butler, Caroline Utley, Martha M. Grace, Sina J. Taylor, America E. Moor, Nancy J. Cary, Tempa Grace, Suffora Grissom [Zipporah Caroline Grissom], Lurany Grace, Riley Wells, Mary Wells, Moriah E. Dukes, Emilizer Moor, Sarah Ebling, Mary Hill, Nancy Grace, July A. Grissom, Elvira Boggess, June [or Jane] Grace, Manerva C. Underwood, Mahalia J. Utley, Thomas J. Richardson, Sarah Ann Richardson, Andrew J. Butler, Starling Hill, William O'Neal, Jasper N. Lisle, Thomas Shelton, James Taylor, Anton a black man for Baptism. Also received Elizabeth Ann Duvall, Nancy Hunt, and Polly J. Morris by letter.

September 1852, members received during Protracted meeting: Charity Dukes, Nancy L. Wells, Unity Dukes, Martha B. Dukes, Emeline Stirsman, and Emeline Riston. Wm. J. Utley was Church Clerk.

October 1853, “doors opened” and received Reddick Duvall, Elisha Bogus, John H. Dukes. Agreed to give Wm O'Neal and wife Jane [or June] {Tailor}, a letter of dismissal.

September 1853, Protracted meeting held at James Duvall's shed on Long Creek. “Doors opened” and received the following members: Gideon Edwards, Wm. J. Hunt, Isaac W. Walker, ?M Duvall, Wells, Mary H. Bogus, L.J. Edwards, MC Edwards, T.J. Halley, V.L. Edwards, Disia A. Johnson, Mary C. Wells, V.G. (?) Bogus, Elizabeth Johnson, L.C. [or S.C.] Halley, Mary A. Halley, Mandy Dukes, and Susan Dukes for Baptism. W.J. Utley was Church clerk.

April 1859, received Luraney Atkinson, Betty E. Lile and Patsy Owen.