Wright Cemeteries

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Wright Cemetery I

Location: On Charlie Well's farm (one time John Wright farm) on East Carter's Creek Road, one mile off HWY 181.

“Muhlenberg Cemeteries: Wright Cemetery” by Marian G. Hammers, Leader-News (Greenville), 18 December 1975, p.5, column 1

WRIGHT CEMETERY is located about one fourth mile from Carter's Creek Road, off of Highway 181. It is on the farm of Charlie Wells, who told me that it was called “the old John Wright Cemetery.” This cemetery is very small, containing only three tombstones. Perhaps there have been other graves here with sandstones as a marker, but if so they have long since disappeared.

Here are buried John Wright and his wife, Elizabeth. They are buried with the old-box-like type which covers the entire grave. Also buried here is a daughter, Lucy McCown. John Wright's stone reads “January 13, 1784 - September 10, 1864.” Elizabeth Wright, his wife, has “died December 31, 1864,” with no age given at time of her deceased. Lucy McCown, the daughter, died only sever years after her parents.

Courthouse records of Muhlenberg County reveal the following regarding their other children. This record was found in Settlement Book 1861-1868 in the County Court Clerk's Office.

The children are: (given names of daughters are from their marriage records) Charlotte Reobertson (widow of John Robertson); Alfred Johnson and wife, Winifred; P.W. Smith and wife (Jane); Isaac Bodine and wife, Elizabeth; L. McCown and wife (Lucinda or “Lucy”); J.J. Wells and wife (her first name not found).

Further research shows another, daughter, Lourana, who married John Jenkins, was deceased at the time of her parents' deaths.

The family plots where most of these daughters and their husbands [are buried], have also been found.

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Source: Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries Book 2. Copied May 27, 1972 by Mrs. Hammers

Wright Cemetery II

Location: About 3/4 mile east of Hwy. 181 and about 1 1/2 mile south of Pleasant Hill Church. Very badly grown up and trees down.


In Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries Book 4, p.128, Mrs. Hammers added:

Wright Cemetery
From an earlier version of this cemetery other stones existing at that time were:

Source: Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries Book 2. Copied by Mrs. Hammers, 03 June 1972


  1. Mrs. Hammers has added: Stephen Wright was age 60 in the 1850 census of Muhlenberg County, KY, age 62 in 1860 census and age 79 in 1870 census. According to Muhlenberg County Wills, he made a will in 1852 but was probated much later, on 16 January 1872, County Court. So his death year was 1871. His age at death agrees with his age given in the 1850 census of this county.