Mosley P. Wells Family Cemetery

Contributed by Jean Wells

Micagah Wells and boy sitting in the Mosley P. Wells Family Cemetery
Back of photo says, “Micagah Wells at cemetery where Dorinda is buried.” Photo was probably taken between 1895 (after Dorinda Keith Wells's death) and 1899 (before Micagah's death).

Helen Young, Wanda Barnes and Jean Wells visited this cemetery on March 21, 2003. The cemetery was visited by Jonathan Young Summer 2010.


From downtown Greenville go West on HWY 62 and turn left onto HWY 171 (also known as Weir St., it is last left before the Muhlenberg Community Hospital).

Follow HWY 171 South 8 miles through Weir to Drake Road. This is the last road on right before you get to HWY 853. There is also a sign for HWY 600 on the corner near Drake Road.

Go right on Drake Road for 0.7 mile. This is a dead end road, and cemetery is on the right almost at end of the road. There is a fence around it; however it is so overgrown and neglected, it may be hard to find.

The cemetery is marked off in 5 or 6 sections with concrete blocks or rocks. The first section has no tombstones, but Helen Young said there supposedly had been some sand stone markers in that section.

Mosley P. Wells's tombstone is the first that you see when you get in the cemetery. Louraney's is next.

Mosley P. Wells Cemetery Summer 2010. Photograph taken by Jonathan Young.