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Lee Cemetery

Surname Name Birth Death Other Information
BratcherValarie18 Mar 197418 Mar 1974Stillborn
Brothers28 Oct 191019 Nov 1910Inscription: Baby son of G.W. & L.E. Brothers
BrothersCarles V.15 Feb 190925 June 1909Inscription: Son of G.W. & L.E. Brothers
BrothersFlora B.23 Apr 190012 May 1900Inscription: Daughter of G.W. & L.E. Brothers
CutteridgeLouis18921966Double stone with Opal Cutteridge
CutteridgeOpal19021974Double stone with Louis Cutteridge
EadesEmma W.27 May 18448 Jan 1912

Inscription: Wife of M.L. Eades

Kentucky Death Certificate 2423

EadesLeonard E.20 Nov 187018 Oct 1876Inscription: Son of M.L. & E.W. Eades

Double stone with Marybell Evitts. No dates

From Kentucky Death Certificate 28695: Born & Died 28 Nov 1924. Parents: Lucian A. Evitts & Emma Lee


Double stone with Grace Evitts. No dates

From Kentucky Death Certificate 20726: Born 11 Aug 1922. Died 21 Sept 1922. Parents: Lucian A. Evitts & Emma Lee

FredrickJewell12 Oct 191517 Nov 1918Inscription: Baby of M. Fredrick
GrayViola27 June 19118 Oct 1976
HarkinsAnnie L.20 June 185519 Feb 1924Kentucky Death Certificate 4614
HarkinsClaude4 Sept 19254 Dec 1954Ky. Cpl. USMCR
HarkinsElbert15 Sept 190819 Dec 1957
HarkinsEunice13 Nov 19219 July 2006Double stone with Roy A. Harkins
HarkinsFlossie Ann16 Aug 191417 Feb 2007

Double stone with James Bishop Harkins

Inscription: Mother

HarkinsHomer J.17 Sept 191918 Mar 1934

Inscription: Son of R.T. Harkins

Kentucky Death Certificate 7608


Double stone with Leona Harkins

Kentucky Death Certificate 16910

HarkinsJames Bishop26 Jan 191022 Apr 1975

Double stone with Flossie Ann Harkins

Inscription: Father

HarkinsL. Ray23 Jan 192027 Apr 1973Double stone with Ruby Harkins
HarkinsLawrence W.2 Aug 192120 Aug 1957Ky. Pfc. 83 QM Co. WW2
HarkinsLeona18821967Double stone with James Harkins
HarkinsLillie M.18901962Double stone with Taylor R. Harkins
HarkinsLinnie M.19162007

Double stone with Ural C. Harkins


HarkinsMayo H.18 Jan 190719 Jan 1923

Inscription: Son of R.T. Harkins

Kentucky Death Certificate 9214

HarkinsRoy A.19 Mar 191727 Feb 1977Double stone with Eunice Harkins
HarkinsRuby13 July 19171 July 2004Double stone with L. Ray Harkins
HarkinsTaylor R.18861956Double stone with Lillie M. Harkins
HarkinsUral C.19131944Double stone with Linnie M. Harkins
HatfieldCharles19311934Kentucky Death Certificate 26169

Shared stone with Mable Hatfield & Virginia Hatfield

Kentucky Death Certificate 31406

HatfieldKernie Jr.

One date on stone: 1929

Kentucky Death Certificate 24876

HatfieldMable19001957Shared stone with Kernie Hatfield (1894-1938) and Virginia Hatfield
HatfieldVirginia19221946Shared stone with Kernie Hatfield (1894-1938) & Mable Hatfield
LeeBessie18941957Double stone with Young Lee
LeeBryant10 July 189013 May 1940Kentucky Death Certificate 13337
LeeFrank25 Feb 186218 Dec 1930

Double stone with Mattie Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 31700

LeeJ.B.Co. D 3rd Ky. Cav.
LeeJennie E.18691889
LeeM.J.15 Sept 182423 Sept 1901Double stone with W.G. Lee (1818-1901)
LeeMary A.18701950

Double stone with Phinis Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 15077

LeeMattie7 Aug 18679 Sept 1933

Double stone with Frank Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 22076


Double stone with Will Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 23792

LeeOdie24 Oct 189516 Aug 1977

Double stone with Mary A. Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 26955

LeeRaymond6 Apr 192429 Aug 1925

Double stone with W.G. Lee (1849-1936)

Kentucky Death Certificate 28095

LeeSarrah J.12 Nov 184825 Apr 1904Sarah J. Stevens [or Stephens], wife of Richard Washington Lee
LeeW.G.1 Oct 181812 Jan 1901

Double stone with M.J. Lee

Related: Muhlenberg Will Book 4


Double stone with Sallie Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 17347

LeeWill18751963Double stone with Nettie Lee

Double stone with Bessie Lee

Funeral Home marker: Finis Young Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate 23671

LongE.F.11 Jan 185227 Mar 1929Kentucky Death Certificate 17753

LongJesse Edward13 Oct 189215 Feb 1951

Ky. Pfc. 128 Inf. 32 Div. WWI

Kentucky Death Certificate 2522


Possibly Rachel Mitchell, wife of Andrew J. “Jack” Mitchell.

In the 1910 United States Federal Census for Todd County, Andrew J. and Rachel E. Mitchell are living in Caseyville.

See also: Kentucky Death Certificate 5876

MooreMary Lee27 Dec 18683 Aug 1953

Funeral Home marker: Mary L. Crumbacker, died 3 Aug 1953, age 84

Kentucky Death Certificate 17349

MundayCharlie28 Apr 190926 Dec 1917

Inscription: Son of W.H. & Minnie Munday

Kentucky Death Certificate 34364

MundayHerman5 Feb 18841 May 1962Double stone with Minnie Munday
MundayJ.T.10 Feb 1934

Died age 74 years 9 months

Kentucky Death Certificate 4834

MundayMaude E.19121949

Inscription: Mother

Kentucky Death Certificate 21623

MundayMinnie11 Apr 188721 Nov 1972Double stone with Herman Munday
MundayRaymond R.10 Aug 190727 June 1919

Double stone with Robert C. Munday

Kentucky Death Certificate 19462

MundayRobert C.10 Aug 190727 July 1919

Double stone with Raymond R. Munday

Kentucky Death Certificate 21950

RolleyDora14 Dec 18763 Mar 1975Double stone with Will Rolley
RolleyDudley C.19141972Double stone with Lola M. Rolley
RolleyLola M.19202003Double stone with Dudley C. Rolley
RolleyWill6 June 18737 Apr 1964Double stone with Dora Rolley
StrongE.R.2 Oct 192012 Nov 1920
TempletonCharles A.186715 July 1954Funeral Home marker
TempletonOllie18668 Mar 1955Funeral Home marker
TurleyRobert Eugene20 Sept 18935 Oct 1959Ky. Pvt. 66 Co. Coast Arty. WWI
WilliamsFreddie B.5 Dec 190626 Sept 1969Double stone with Ruthie Mae Williams
WilliamsRuthie Mae27 July 190723 Feb 1992Double stone with Freddie B. Williams

Location: On Lee Cemetery Road south of Greenville on KY 189.

Source: Hammers, Marian G. “Lee Cemetery.” Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries Books. Vol. 4. Madisonville, KY: Marian G. Hammers. Print.

Source: Lee Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Findagrave. Web. 04 Nov 2015.

Updated November 04, 2015