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Cemetery Records

Highway Cemetery

Surname Name Birth Death Other Information
8 Dec 1924

Unknown White Female. Death date possibly date of finding body. Cause of Death: unknown, found in well. Informant: R.G. Allen, coroner. Buried: Highway

Kentucky Death Certificate #28668

TippyNo last name. No dates.
AddisonArline14 Dec 191716 Oct 1918

Daughter of Bentley Addison & Pearley Coursey

Kentucky Death Certificate #36295

AddisonLorine3 Sept 191926 Sept 1919

Daughter of Bentley Addison & Pearley Coursey

Kentucky Death Certificate #26240

AddisonNovine3 Sept 191930 Sept 1919

Daughter of Bentley Addison & Pearley Coursey

Kentucky Death Certificate #26241

AndersonAnnie Mae11 May 192221 Mar 1923

Inscription: Daughter of C.E. & N.E. Anderson

Parents: Clem E. Anderson & Nannie E. Costello

Kentucky Death Certificate #9230

BallMajour Edgar23 Apr 19125 Dec 1912

Son of William K. Ball & Nancy J. Harrison

Kentucky Death Certificate #31812

BarettsDaris M.19381939
BarrettJ.W. Jr.26 Nov 193915 Jan 1940

Son of J.W. Barrett & Pauline Scarbrough

Kentucky Death Certificate #2487

BarrettJohn Henry16 June 189518 Dec 1937

Ky. Pvt. Btry. A 36 Field Arty. WWI

Son of Jack Barrett & Mary Atulie, and husband of Odie Smith

Kentucky Death Certiticate #30378

BarrettJuanita Mae31 Aug 192917 Aug 1943

Daughter of John H. Barrett & Odie Smith

Kentucky Death Certificate #18860

BarrettMildrine20 Jan 19299 Feb 1939

Daughter of John H. Barrett & Odie Smith

Kentucky Death Certificate #5142

BaughJames David19 Sept 192219 Sept 1922

Inscription: Son of M.A. & M.B. Baugh

Parents: Marcus A. Baugh & Maybell McPherson

Kentucky Death Certificate #20723. Name of death certificate: Marcus Baugh Jr.

BaughPercy Grubb12 Oct 193021 Dec 1930

Son of Albert L. Baugh & Bonita Grubb

Kentucky Death Certificate #31711

BeadnellB.L. Proctor26 Aug 192424 June 1925

Son of Robert Beadnell & Nora Evitts

Kentucky Death Certificate #17691

BelcherDollie B.12 Mar 19223 Jan 1924

Daughter of Lee Belcher & Dorothy Honaker

Kentucky Death Certificate #4593

BelcherDollie E.12 Mar 19022 Jan 1904Inscription: Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Belcher
BennettAlex R.22 Oct 18861 Feb 1910
BennettEliza24 Apr 18543 Apr 1925

Daughter of G.H. Hicks & Unknown Taylor

Kentucky Death Certificate #10412

BennettGertrude15 Jan 188917 June 1911

Daughter of Warner Taylor Cardwell & Mary Elizabeth Lewis

Kentucky Death Certificate #16113

BlytheBill1 Nov 19431 Nov 1943

Son of Wm. O. Blythe & Fronnia Barnes

Kentucky Death Certificate #2704

Unclear if Death Certificates #2703 and 2704 are for twins or for same individual.

BlytheMaryOct 18674 Aug 1937

Daughter of Merida Brown & [blank] Walker, and wife of John H. Blythe

Kentucky Death Certificate #26831

BlytheMc1 Nov 19432 Nov 1943

Son of Wm. O. Blythe & Fronnia Barnes

Kentucky Death Certificate #2703

Unclear if Death Certificates #2703 and 2704 are for twins or for same individual.

BlytheMcKinley15 Jan 189631 Aug 1939

Son of John Blythe & Mary Brown, and husband of Bessie A. Cox

Kentucky Death Certificate #23516

BlytheNorma Jean20 Dec 193120 Dec 1931

Daughter of McKinley Blythe & Bessie A. Cox

Kentucky Death Certificate #30691. Death Certificate states she was buried in Drakesboro; assumed to be in Highway Cemetery

BlytheStanford H.1 Oct 189314 May 1939

Son of John Blythe & Mary Francis Brown

Kentucky Death Certificate #18671

BolinBetty James6 Nov 194619 Nov 1946

Daughter of James Bolin & Jewel Vaught

Kentucky Death Certificate #27240

BolinCleve26 Sept 188418 Dec 1928

Son of Lank Bolin & Louisa Reed

Died in mine accident. Kentucky Death Certificate #31966

BolinHarry18 Dec 18824 May 1935Son of Dowell Boling & Polly Ann Vanlandingham

Kentucky Death Certificate #13207

BolinJewel Howard16 Oct 191315 Jan 1924

Son of Grover Cleveland Bolin & Mima Hatfield

Kentucky Death Certificate #2087

BolinLizzie Lee13 Mar 192325 Mar 1925

Daughter of Harry Bolin & Viola Stinson

Kentucky Death Certificate #9231

BradleyGlendon19301930Double stone with Thornton Bradley
BradleyThornton19331933Double stone with Glendon Bradley
BrewerCallie8 Mar 19238 Mar 1923

Daughter of Alex R. Brewer & Odie Willoughby

Kentucky Death Certificate #9233

BrewerEddie Jr.27 Jan 194117 June 1941

Son of Rorna Brewer & Lena Arnold

Kentucky Death Certificate #15857

BrewerEddie R.16 Apr 190124 Dec 1964
BrewerEstel L.8 June 191317 Aug 1913

Inscription: Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Brewer

Parents: J.R. Brewer & Emma Morgan

BrewerPatsy Lou10 Sept 193710 Sept 1937

Stillborn. Daughter of James R. Brewer & Ruby Wester

Kentucky Death Certificate #24543

BryantJ.W.26 Nov 194014 Jan 1941
ButtramJames31 Mar 18871 Sept 1925Killed in mine accident. Kentucky Death Certificate #22516
CasebierEstel2 Feb 18932 Apr 1918

Inscription: Son of J.Y. & Bessie Casebier

Parents: Jesse Y. Casebier & Bessie Kimmel

CaseyT.M.29 June 189712 Feb 1974Shared stone with Vera Casey & Jesse L. Payne
CaseyVera189416 Mar 1967Shared stone with T.M. Casey & Jesse L. Payne
ChatmonWilliard21 Aug 191612 Feb 1917

Son of William J. Chatmon & Katie Gillock

Kentucky Death Certificate #5698

ClarkElmer Rachel26 Nov 190828 Feb 1921

Daughter of James M. Clark & Mary E. Eades

Kentucky Death Certificate #4095

CraftonBilly192719 Oct 1937
CraftonMeddie J.1 Feb 18949 Nov 1932

Double stone with Betha F. Crafton. See entry for Bertha F. Pogue Crafton Harrison

Struck by train. Son of Joe Crafton & Jane Wagoner

Kentucky Death Certificate #26961

CraftonV. Lyvone27 May 194211 Mar 1944

Daughter of Alton Crafton & Clara A. Reno

Kentucky Death Certificate #7913

CraigBernice Howard26 Apr 191814 May 1918

Daughter of David Henry Craig & Otha Lee Creasy

Kentucky Death Certificate #14240

CundiffNannie L.18 Oct 18676 Sept 1954Double stone with Robert E. Cundiff
CundiffRobert E.11 Feb 185815 Jan 1937

Double stone with Nannie L. Cundiff

Son of Robert W. Cundiff & Elizabeth Ann Tannehill

Kentucky Death Certificate #2376. Date of Birth: 30 Nov 1854.

DavisRhovist[?]30 July 192927 Sept 1929

Son of D.O. Davis & Elma Revlett

Kentucky Death Certificate #24879

DeArmondWarren2 Sept 19232 Sept 1923

Son of Warren M. DeArmond & Annie North

Kentucky Death Certificate #24413

DickesonFinis Wayne15 May 194422 Sept 1944

Son of Frank Dickeson & Kurneelure Mae Harris

Kentucky Death Certificate #21046

DickesonFrank N.8 May 190419 July 1967Double stone with Kurnealure M. Dickeson
DickesonKurnealure M.6 Oct 190522 Mar 1974Double stone with Frank N. Dickeson
DuggerElizabeth1 Nov 19086 May 1911

Daughter of James Dugger & Mattie Fludy

Kentucky Death Certificate #13377

DurhamRoy L.2 Apr 18814 Aug 1935

Son of P.W. Durham & Josephine Roland

Kentucky Death Certificate #20662

EasleyW.M.24 Nov 18612 Apr 1924

Son of John & Mary Easley

Kentucky Death Certificate #10110

EpleyDaniel B.18971991Double stone with Goldie M. Epley
EpleyDaniel Jackson23 July 187412 Sept 1927

Son of Dan Epley & Nancy Tanner

Kentucky Death Certificate #21478

EpleyFannie Belle9 Apr 191915 Feb 1921

Daughter of Monroe Epley & Blanche Benison

Kentucky Death Certificate #4109

EpleyGoldie M.19011948

Double stone with Daniel B. Epley

Daughter of W.M. White & Leona Myers

Kentucky Death Certificate #23818

EpleyHoward Franklin19 Dec 192114 July 1923

Son of B.D. Epley & Golda White

Kentucky Death Certificate #19175

EzellGloria Mae29 Mar 192727 Dec 1927

Double stone with Roy Keisstel Ezell. Inscription: Daughter & son of Luther & Laura Ezell

Daughter of Thomas L. Ezell & Laura Ezell

Kentucky Death Certificate #29101

EzellRoy Keisstel30 July 19293 Sept 1929

Double stone with Gloria Mae Ezell. Inscription: Daughter & son of Luther & Laura Ezell

Son of Thomas Luther Ezell & Laura Ezell

Kentucky Death Certificate #24880. Name on death certificate: Edward Keisstel

FarberAdine Griffin4 Mar 193820 Apr 1938

Son of Dossie Farber & Lorine Robinson

Kentucky Death Certificate #10220

FarberCharles R.20 Nov 19466 Sept 1974

Son of Dossie Farber & Lorene Robinson

Died Hopkins Co., Kentucky

FarberGeorge T.14 Sept 186726 Mar 1943

Son of Alex Farber & Elizabeth Ray, and husband of Ida Staples

Kentucky Death Certificate #7265

FarberIda Staples11 Dec 187127 Jan 1949

Daughter of Thomas Staples & Mary Keown, and wife of George T. Farber

Kentucky Death Certificate #1516

FarberPaul3 Nov 19398 Sept 1962

Son of Dossie Farber & Lorene Robinson

Inscription: Ky. Fn. US Navy

FelixElla Naomi10 Oct 191811 Oct 1918

Shared stone with Jessie T., M. Naoma, & Philip O. Felix

Daughter of Cecil R. Felix & Jessie Thomas Stuart

Kentucky Death Certificate #36098

FelixJessie Thomas189315 Oct 1918

Shared stone with Ella N., M. Naoma, & Philip O. Felix

Daughter of William A. Stuart & Ella Robinson, and wife of Cecil R. Felix

Kentucky Death Certificate #36097

FelixM. Naoma18731931

Shared stone with Ella N., Jessie T., & Philip O. Felix

Wife of Philip O. Felix. Maiden name: Mattie Naoma Reid

FelixPhilip O.4 Jan 186113 Jan 1924

Shared stone with Ella N., Jessie T., & M. Naoma Felix

Son of William Felix & Ann Deweese, and husband of Mattie Naoma Reid

Kentucky Death Certificate &35;2066

Goff9 Aug 19119 Aug 1911

Stillborn. Daughter of Oscar Goff & Sadie Reneer

Kentucky Death Certificate #21849

GrableElzie P.4 Apr 188028 June 1922
GrableMary4 Oct 185017 Oct 1941Inscription: Mother
Grubb(s)Homer23 June 189318 Aug 1962
Grubb(s)James Homer21 Oct 192425 Nov 1924

Son of Homer Grubb(s) & May Rock

Kentucky Death Certificate #25783

Marian G. Hammers: James H. Grubb, 1926-1926, Funeral marker (32)

GrubbWilliam J.12 Mar 192311 Apr 1923

Son of Homer Grubb(s) & May Rock

Kentucky Death Certificate #12027

HaleNoble D.28 Feb 190627 June 1907Inscription: Son of L.J. & M.L. Hale
HarlanLouiva F.22 Sept 18514 Dec 1924

Daughter of Charles T. & Matilda Pedigo, and wife of William Thomas Harlan

Kentucky Death Certificate #28688

HarlanWilliam Thomas18 Nov 185121 Feb 1929

Son of John L. Harlan & Mary C. Walton, and husband of Louvica F. Pedigo

Kentucky Death Certificate #7335

HarrisGeneva12 Apr 190630 Oct 1986Double stone with Harrus Harris. Maiden name: McConnell
HarrisHarrus [Horace]25 Aug 190228 July 1960Double stone with Geneva Harris
HarrisMaggie D.21 June 18756 Apr 1959Double stone with Robert E. Harris
HarrisRobert Edd13 Feb 187618 May 1944

Double stone with Maggie D. Harris

Son of John Barrett Harris & Sarah Esters

Kentucky Death Certificate #12594

HarrisWilliam Gobel10 June 192724 June 1929

Son of Horace Harris & Geneva McConnell

Kentucky Death Certificate #17770

HarrisonBertha F. Pogue Crafton189624 Aug 1985

See entry for Meddie J. Crafton

Married (1) Meddie J. Crafton; (2) Sanford Harrison. Died Ohio Co., Kentucky

HarrisonGeorge9 Oct 18969 Mar 1969Ky. Pfc. 163 Inf. WWI
HawkinsMary Mardell24 Aug 19171 Sept 1917

Daughter of Benjamin G. Hawkins & Lora Edna Woodis

Kentucky Death Certificate #26127

HawkinsWilliam Thomas11 June 19195 July 1919

Son of Benjamin Gary Hawkins & Lora Edna Woodis

Kentucky Death Certificate #21963. Death Certificate states she was buried in Drakesboro; assumed to be in Highway Cemetery

Hayse13 Oct 191313 Oct 1913

Stillborn. Daughter of James H. Hayse & Mattie E. Eskridge

Kentucky Death Certificate #27815

HeltsleyJames Lesley11 Nov 189525 Jan 1913

Son of Jake H. Heltsley & Alice Grissom

Kentucky Death Certificate #2547

HolemanRena7 Aug 1941

Died age 36. Daughter of George Scarbrough & Eliza Walker

Kentucky Death Certificate #23012

HouseJoseph B.13 June 185211 Mar 1917

Shared stone with Paradine House & Wesley House

Son of James House & Clara Yager

Kentucky Death Certificate #9101

HouseParadine18591944Shared stone with Joseph B. House & Wesley House
HouseWesley26 Dec 188011 Nov 1905Shared stone with Joseph B. House & Paradine House
JacksonAlpha GillNo dates; wife of John William Jackson
JacksonGwendolyn31 May 192014 Mar 1923

Daughter of John William Jackson & Alpha Gill

Kentucky Death Certificate #9236

JacksonJohn William “Gabe”18831938Husband of Alpha Gill
JohnsonC.R.27 Sept 193327 Sept 1933Shared stone with H.C. Johnson & Mary A. Johnson
JohnsonDorothea Lee12 Feb 193217 Feb 1932

Daughter of Veachel Johnson & Mabel Belcher

Kentucky Death Certificate #4492

JohnsonH.C.13 Mar 189010 Apr 1967Shared stone with C.R. Johnson & Mary A. Johnston
JohnsonJewell R.24 Aug 193324 Aug 1933

Stillborn. Son of Veachel Johnson & Mabel Belcher

Kentucky Death Certificate #19743

JohnsonMary A.13 Aug 190028 Sept 1933

Shared stone with C.R. Johnson & H.C. Johnson

Daughter of Millard Cox & Maggie Ragland

Kentucky Death Certificate #28182

JohnstonEri21 Mar 1991Double stone with Wilbur Ray Johnston
JohnstonRuby22 Nov 189722 Mar 1939

Daughter of Ezery Revlett & Josie Farfield, and wife of Willie Johnston

Kentucky Death Certificate #9004

JohnstonWilbur Ray24 July 189425 Mar 1976Double stone with Eri Johnston
KelleyClarence13 Dec 1911

Died age 6 years, 2 months. Son of A. Kelley & Emma McKinney

Kentucky Death Certificate #32297

Kelley [Kelly]Emma28 Feb 187826 Oct 1949

Daughter of Taylor McKinney & Mattie Burge

Kentucky Death Certificate #21621

KellyNo dates. Inscription: Family of Pearl & Pete Kelly
KellyRagon12 Dec 19004 Feb 1918

Son of T.H. Kelley & Pearl Jernigan

Kentucky Death Certificate #5414

KellyThomas Hope6 Mar 191022 May 1914

Son of T.H. Kelly & Susan Pearl Jernigan

Kentucky Death Certificate #13940

KimmelMyrtle Ruth3 Sept 191531 Jan 1919

Daughter of B. Frank Kimmel & Dorrine Greenwood

Kentucky Death Certificate #7696

KirkpatrickFlora2 Feb 187625 July 1945

Inscription: Sister

Daughter of Philip Grable & Mary Humphrey

Kentucky Death Certificate #22087

LamGirlene “Brewer”28 July 193124 Oct 1931

Daughter of Jesse T. Lam & Louise Brewer

Kentucky Death Certificate #25277. Name on death certificate: Elsie Girlene Lam

LamMary Elizabeth7 Nov 192312 Nov 1923

Daughter of L. Virgil Lam & Eunice Staples

Kentucky Death Certificate #28904

LamVirgil E.10 Oct 192025 Dec 1922

Son of Virgil Lam & Eunice Staples

Kentucky Death Certificate #28323

LandramMary Ellen16 Oct 184124 May 1920

Daughter of Josiah Reid & Mary E. Helsley

Married (1) James Bibb Landram, 6 Aug 1865, Muhlenberg County; (2) Michael Rose, 4 Sept 1900, Muhlenberg County

Kentucky Death Certificate #14732. While the tombstone is inscribed with the named Mary E. Landram, the name Mary E. Rose is given on the death certificate.

Langley31 July 192031 July 1920

Stillborn. Son of Due Langley & Rosa Lee Short

Kentucky Death Certificate #21187

LasterAaron22 Nov 189026 Sept 1953

Son of James Laster & Mattie Corneal

Kentucky Death Certificate #19389

LasterAlbert15 July 19192 Aug 1939

Son of Aaron Laster & Queen Rager

Kentucky Death Certificate #21160. Name on death certificate: Robert Laster

LasterGuy Mac22 Apr 191819 Oct 1937

Son of Aaron L. Laster & Queen Rager

Kentucky Death Certificate #26830

LasterPaul W.15 July 192314 Nov 1929

Son of Aaron L. Laster & Queen Rager

Kentucky Death Certificate #29880

LasterQueen8 July 18994 June 1937

Daughter of Joe Rager & Bobbie Shelton, and wife of Aaron Laster

Kentucky Death Certificate #16982

LovelCaroline Blythe5 Sept 190620 Apr 1927

Daughter of John Blythe & Mary Brown

Kentucky Death Certificate #9496

MansfieldCharles Jefferson28 Sept 18791940
MansfieldValley Vane12 Jan 188129 Apr 1923

Inscription: Wife of C.J. Mansfield

Born Todd Co., Kentucky, the daughter of Vannie Shelton & Annie E. Land, and wife of Charles J. Mansfield

Kentucky Death Certificate #14365

MayesOlivia E.17 Aug 190526 Dec 1986Doulbe stone with Taylor Mayes
MayesTaylor28 Mar 19009 July 1961Double stone with Olivia E. Mayes
McDonaldLawrence22 Mar 188411 Nov 1953

Son of John McDonald & Annie Benson

Kentucky Death Certificate #23619

McDonaldLexie22 Feb 19092 Feb 1927

Daughter of Lawrence McDonald & Elizabeth Fulscher

Kentucky Death Certificate #4498

McDonaldLula19 July 191422 Nov 1958
McDonaldMartha Elizabeth10 Jan 189318 Apr 1969
McFarlandBaby's grave
McFarlandFreddy26 May 197026 May 1970
McFarlandLora29 Dec 189511 Apr 1932

Daughter of James Hines & Mattie Gidcomb, and wife of Frank McFarland

Kentucky Death Certificate #9893

McFarlandMitchell8 July 193814 Oct 1939

Son of Marion McFarland & Elsie M. Buchanan

Kentucky Death Certificate #25929

McFarlandWanda Fay8 Dec 193917 Feb 1940

Daughter of Newly[?] B. McFarland & Nellie Reeves

Kentucky Death Certificate #5297

MintonGrandvil N.22 Apr 194716 Oct 1965
MullenAlexander3 July 185812 Sept 1930

Double stone with Birdie Mullen

Born in Westville, Ohio, son of Thomas B. & Berilla Mullen, and wife of Birdie Darby

Kentucky Death Certificate #23326

MullenBirdie25 Dec 186623 Jan 1938

Double stone with Alexander Mullen

Born in Riceville, Indiana, daughter of Henry Darby & Lizzie Taylor, and wife of Alexander Mullen

Kentucky Death Certificate #2381

MullenClyde10 June 1910May 1954
MullenHenry1 May 18967 Mar 1939

Ky Pvt 102 Field Arty 26 Div WWI

Son of Alexander Mullen & Birdie Darby

Kentucky Death Certificate #8291

MullenLeland Ray9 Aug 192226 May 1923Inscription: Son of R.Y. & B. Mullen
MullenSadie Bell29 Sept 190723 Oct 1918

Daughter of Alexander Mullen & Birdie Darby

Kentucky Death Certificate #36257

MurphyDorothy L.23 Sept 19218 June 1949

Daughter of Ernest Murphy & Mae Scarboro Maddox

Kentucky Death Certificate #11844

NickensIda Bell23 Dec 189028 Jan 1968Double stone with Joseph Henry Nickens
NickensJames H.19231937
NickensJoseph Henry16 May 18938 Feb 1962Double stone with Ida Bell Nickens
NunnellyMary Tina4 Feb 19205 Aug 1922

Daughter of F.L. Nunnelly & Lilla Meeks

Kentucky Death Certificate #20722

NunnellyWilliam Walker30 Oct 192230 Oct 1922

Son of Frank L. Nunnelly & Lila Meeks

Kentucky Death Certificate #22906

Osborn28 Jan 191928 Jan 1919

Stillborn. Son of T.W. Osborn & Zora Pheba Arrendell

Kentucky Death Certificate #3533

OsbornZora Pheba26 Oct 188730 Jan 1919

Daughter of Richard Arrendell & Jane Adkins

Kentucky Death Certificate #3534

OwensGeorge William Howard17 Feb 191621 Oct 1917

Son of George Owens & Dee Reid

Kentucky Death Certificate #28770

PayneIrene23 Oct 19042 Oct 1939

Daughter of Daniel Kimmel & Juannetta Cardwell, and wife of Creed Pogue

Kentucky Death Certificate #25997

PayneJesse L.18961930Shared stone with T.M. Casey & Vera Casey
PaynePaul Thomas4 Mar 192726 Apr 1927

Son of Jessie L. Payne & Vera Harlan

Kentucky Death Certificate #9484

PoguePaula26 Nov 19368 Dec 1936

Daughter of Creed Pogue & Irene Kimmel

Kentucky Death Certificate #34272

RainwaterNorma Jean21 Sept 193521 Sept 1935

Daughter of Virgil Gilliam Rainwater & Helen Louise Smith

Kentucky Death Certificate #23080

Rainwater7 Aug 19071 Sept 1984
RainwatersCealia V.18861965

Double stone with William J. Rainwaters

Maiden name from children's death certificates: Bell

RainwatersChester Nerman27 Sept 191918 Aug 1974

Double stone with Mary Rainwaters

Son of Will J. Rainwaters & Celia Bell


Son of J.W. Rainwaters & Celia Victory Bell

Kentucky Death Certificate #22507

RainwatersMaryNo dates. Double stone with Chester Newman Rainwaters

Daughter of J. Will Rainwater & Celia Bell

Kentucky Death Certificate #23313

RainwatersWilliam J.18831951

Double stone with Cealia V. Rainwaters

Son of William Rainwaters & Mary Jane Wagner

Kentucky Death Certificate #14882

ReidBerble Lee9 May 191411 Apr 1973

Double stone with Mary Reid

Son of William Wynn Reed & Jennie Bell Brewer

ReidJames W.5 Nov 18398 Apr 1900

Double stone with Nannie E. Reid

Son of Josiah Reid & Sarah Maud Helsley

ReidMary R.19 Nov 1980Double stone with Berble Lee Reid
ReidNannie Elizabeth5 Nov 18499 Mar 1925

Double stone with James W. Reid

Daughter of Jake Heltsley & Bettie Grace

Kentucky Death Certificate #7642

ReidSarah Jane18 Mar 184723 Jan 1929

Daughter of Josiah reid & Sallie Helsley

Kentucky Death Certificate #3916

ReidWesley W.28 July 18704 Sept 1914

Son of James W. Reid & Nannie E. Helsley

Kentucky Death Certificate #24356

RetherfordMorgan28 Dec 186230 Sept 1905
Revelet30 Sept 191330 Sept 1913

Stillborn. Son of James Revelet & Gertrude Reid

Kentucky Death Certificate #25176

Revlett30 Sept 191330 Sept 1913Inscription: Infant son of J.M. & G.R. Revlett
RevlettBilly Dwight8 Feb 194518 Apr 1945

Son of Philip W. Revlett & Leola Travis

Kentucky Death Certificate #13362

RevlettClaud Charles29 July 192122 Oct 1923

Inscription: Son of H.O. & M.L. Revlett

Parents: Harry Ollis Revlett & Minnie L. Mullen

Kentucky Death Certificate #26608

RevlettFranklin D.21 May 192527 May 1927Son of Claud Revlett & Bertha Hall

Kentucky Death Certificate #11731

RevlettGeorge Wanda6 Dec 192823 Aug 1933
RevlettGertrude7 Apr 189027 Sept 1970Double stone with James M. Revlett. Maiden name: Reed
RevlettJames F.11 Nov 191413 Oct 1971Son of James M. Revlett & Gertrude Reed
RevlettJames M.13 June 18908 Aug 1964Double stone with Gertrude Revlett
RevlettJoe Nell1 Sept 19271 Sept 1927

Stillborn. Daughter of Claude O. Revlett & Bertha E. Hall

Kentucky Death Certificate #21479

RevlettN. Evelyn11 Mar 19175 July 1918

Daughter of James M. Revlett & Gertrude Reed

Kentucky Death Certificate #18843

RobinsonStrother Young16 Oct 192417 Oct 1924

Son of Oscar Robinson & Grace Casebier

Kentucky Death Certificate #23620

RockAnnie17 Oct 186520 Aug 1924

Daughter of Tom Harris & Betsey Hays

Kentucky Death Certificate #19219

RockHenry9 May 1924Died age 32. Funeral Home marker
RockMargret4 Aug 19384 Aug 1938

Stillborn. Daughter of Amos Rock & Manda Stilts

Kentucky Death Certificate #20663

RockSiney Ann1889Apr 1923
RockW.M.4 Apr 185914 May 1933

Son of Henry Rock & Connie Ford

Kentucky Death Certificate #10857

RockWilliam Henry9 May 188710 May 1924

Son of William Rock & Annie Harris

Kentucky Death Certificate #12627

RussellLucy187628 Nov 1912

Daughter of Bill & Sarah Young

Kentucky Death Certificate #2761

SampsonHenry Edward12 Apr 18844 Apr 1943

Double stone with Ida Webster Sampson

Son of James B. Sampson & Catherine Lee

Kentucky Death Certificate #9710

SampsonIda J. Webster25 Dec 18789 Nov 1941

Double stone with Henry Edward Sampson

Daughter of Charles Webster & Caroline Hammond

Kentucky Death Certificate #27519

ScarbroughElisa13 May 1965Died age 84. Believed to be the wife of George Scarbrough, who died 5 Feb 1924.
SchmidtNannie22 May 186223 Jan 1915

Daughter of Harry Key & [blank] Tunstell. Note: Nancy Key was the daughter of William McDonald Key & Harriet A. Tunstill.

Nancy Key married (1) W.W. Wester; (2) John Schmidt.

Kentucky Death Certificate #2470

SheltonAnna Elizabeth7 Apr 185216 Jan 1929

Born Todd Co., Kentucky, the daughter of Bishop & Oma E. Land

Kentucky Death Certificate #3922

ShortHenderson15 May 185921 Dec 1916Kentucky Death Certificate #31603
SitzClarence E.21 July 193117 Apr 1939

Son of Clarence Sitz & Nellie Anderson

Kentucky Death Certificate #11094

SitzClarence M.189816 May 1968Double stone with Nellie A. Sitz
SitzJames M.19281929
SitzLuther10 Oct 188815 Nov 1931

Son of Marion Sitz & Mollie Flynn

Died in a truck accident in Daviess Co., Kentucky.

Mayfield & Son Funeral Home marker

Kentucky Death Certificate #26223

SitzMartha Annie12 Apr 18924 Mar 1935

Daughter of Charley Graham & Mattie Davis, and wife of Luther Sitz

Mayfield & Son Funeral Home marker

Kentucky Death Certificate #7929

SitzMary B.19281929
SitzNellie A.190223 Feb 1986Double stone with Clarence M. Sitz
SitzRuby Grace4 Apr 192723 Dec 1928

Daughter of Rellie Sitz & Janett Caldwell

Kentucky Death Certificate #31995

SitzSheradine2 Jan 19372 Jan 1937

Daughter of Alfred Wilson Sitz & Lucy Ann Shemwell

Kentucky Death Certificate #14531

SmithCharles Ray24 Apr 192922 June 1929

Son of Robert H. Smith & May Robinson

Kentucky Death Certificate #17772

SpencerRichard A.15 Sept 188825 Dec 1955
StoferErnest Roy23 Apr 192113 Sept 1923

Son of Coy Stofer & Mary Dickeson

Kentucky Death Certificate #24412

SullivanBerttie Mae22 Jan 190414 Oct 1946

Double stone with John L. Sullivan

Daughter of Eck Mullins & Bertha Perkins

Kentucky Death Certificate #22555

SullivanJohn L.23 Mar 19014 Jan 1961Double stone with Berttie M. Sullivan
TabbIvey9 Dec 19123 July 1999Double stone with Orbie Lee Tabb
TabbOpal6 June 191114 Jan 1912

Daughter of William Tabb & Sarah Ethel Bartlett

Kentucky Death Certificate #2409

TabbOrbie Lee12 Apr 190522 Oct 1973

Double stone with Ivey Tabb

Son of William Warner Tabb & Sarah Ethel Bartlett

TabbSarah Ethel Bartlett189116 May 1963

Double stone with William Warner Tabb

Inscription: Our Beloved Mother and Father

TabbWilliam Warner27 Sept 1884Jan 1963

Double stone with Sarah Ethel Tabb

Inscription: Our Beloved Mother and Father

TaylorCharles Russell20 June 192316 Nov 1930

Son of Horace Taylor & Mary F. Masters

Kentucky Death Certificate #28393

TaylorHorace188723 Mar 1966
TaylorLaurence16 Sept 191512 Nov 1955Son of Horace Taylor & Mary F. Masters
TaylorMary Francis25 Oct 188722 July 1952

Daughter of Henry & Mary F. Masters, and wife of Horace Taylor

Kentucky Death Certificate #15579

TaylorMaude M.25 Mar 191324 June 1940

Daughter of Horace Taylor & Mary F. Masters

Kentucky Death Certificate #17803

TuckerBeulah3 May 190430 Nov 1925

Daughter of J.M. Clark & Mary Lizzie Eads

Kentucky Death Certificate #27649

TuckerJames D.12 June 1925

Died age 7 months, 8 days. Son of J.P. Tucker & Bula Clark

Kentucky Death Certificate #15132

WelbornVirginia Dare22 Feb 19208 Nov 1923

Daughter of Newt J. Welborn & Lula Wren

Kentucky Death Certificate #28905

WhitescarverWilliam H.14 June 191318 July 1913

Son of W.A. Whitescarver & Ellan Whitescarver

Kentucky Death Certificate #19832

WhitmerDaniel G.9 June 19035 Sept 1904

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam. Thank you to Helen McKeown who provided additional help.

Location: On Cemetery Road, west of Drakesboro and south of Highway 176.

Source: Hammers, Marian G. “Highway Cemetery.” Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries. Vol. 2. Madisonville, KY: Marian G. Hammers, 1977. Print.

Note: There are approximately 50 individuals that have been added to this cemetery listing based on Kentucky Death Certificate information.

Updated September 4, 2015