Henry H. Johnston Farm Cemetery

The old Henry H. Johnston farm is just past Friendship Church near Greenville. There are two stones standing - they belong to Henry H. Johnston and Arthur N. Davis. There are also two flat stones in the ground. These may be stones that have fallen and become buried over time or the stone-topped graves that are common in other Muhlenberg cemeteries. Mr. Johnston and Capt. Davis were neighbors, so the burying ground could just as easily be on the Old Davis farm instead.

This burying ground is NOT in the Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries Book.

Old road bed to Johnston and Davis farms
Old road bed to Johnston & Davis farms

End of road to burying ground
End of road to burying ground

Henry Johnston and A.N. Davis tombstones
Henry Johnston & A.N. Davis tombstones

Henry H. Johnston Tombstone

Henry H. Johnston
14 Jun 1818 - 28 Nov 1869
Farewell my wife and children all
From you a father Christ doth call
Morn not for me it is in vain
To call me to your sight again

Arthur N. Davis Tombstone

A.N. Davis
12 Mar 1823  7 Mar 1868
Behold the pilgrim as he lies
With glory in his view
To Heaven lifts his longing eyes
And bids the world adieu


On HWY 62 West out of Greenville to Weir Road. Take Weir Road to Friendship Baptist Church. Turn left by the church. Go past the church to 2 large tanks on left side of road. Park car at the tanks and walk up the old road bed. The old road will Y. Take the right to the top of the hill. The top of the hill is flat. Keep going till you see a large cedar tree off to the left. The graves are there. Just past the graves the forest has been logged.

Contributed by Kathy Johnston

Updated July 10, 2015