Heltsley Cemetery

Heltsley Cemetery

Transcribed and contributed by Jean Wells

Photos and inscriptions made 14 June 2012 by Joetta Brown, DeWayne and Kathy Brown and Jean Wells.

The Heltsley Cemetery is located in southern Muhlenberg County on property now owned by Ronald and Rodney Welborn.

From Greenville take Highway 62W to Highway 171. Follow Highway 171 through Weir to Highway 831. Turn left on Highway 831 and go about ¼ mile. The cemetery is about 70 yards off the road across a field in a clump of trees.

Thanks to Mr. Welborn and his son who have worked to clean up the old cemtery and have installed a road that we now can use to drive up to the cemetery.

  1. Clarence Segars
    01 November 1890 - 12 October 1918

    Clarence is the son of Mose and Nancy Jane Segars.

  2. Elizabeth Heltsley
    Died 24 August 1859, age 84 years

    Elizabeth Heltsley Tombstone

  3. Ben C., husband of Nancy Hale
    10 March 1846 - 01 June 1900

    Muhlenberg County Heritage, December 1979, Vol. 1, #5: “Ben C. Hale committed suicide by drowning on June 1, 1900, found in pond on the farm”

    Ben C. Hale Tombstone

  4. Nancy E. Hale
    01 February 1848 - 03 March 1910

    Nancy was the wife of Ben C. Hale.

    Nancy E. Hale Tombstone

  5. Mary J. Hale
    24 March 1831 -

    Mary Heltsley was the daughter of William Heltsley and Mary Ann Elkins. She married 31 December 1858 to William B. Hale.

  6. William B. Hale
    10 August 1835 - 18 September 1897

    William was the son of Thomas Hale of North Carolina. He married 31 December 1858 to Mary Jane Heltsley.

    William B. Hale Tombstone

  7. Susan Walker
    28 November 1805 - 07 August 1871

    Susan was married to William Walker.

    Susan Walker Tombstone

  8. Cordelia Florence, the daughter of W.B. and Mary J. Hale
    26 December 1874 - 02 August 1875

    Cordelia Hale was the daughter of William B. Hale and Mary Jane Heltsley.

    Cordelia Florence Hale Tombstone

  9. Isaac Walker
    28 May 1831 - 28 December 1891

    Isaac was the son of William and Susan Walker. He married 31 March 1857 to Elizabeth Heltsley.

  10. Elizabeth Walker
    10 January 1825 - 16 October 1908

    Elizabeth was the daughter of William Heltsley and Mary Nancy Elkins. She married 31 March 1857 to Isaac Walker.

    Elizabeth Walker Tombstone

  11. Mary Ann Heltsley
    31 May 1851 - 01 August 1855

    Mary Ann was the daughter of Jacob Heltsley and Elizabeth Caroline Grace.

    Mary Ann Heltsley Tombstone

  12. Nancy, wife of William Heltsley
    Died 22 August 1855, aged 54 years

    Muhlenberg County Vital Statistics (1855) gave her age at death as 54 years. Nancy was the daughter of Joshua Elkins, mother's name was not given, and her parents were both born in Logan Co., Kentucky.

    Nancy Heltsley Tombstone

  13. William Heltsley
    10 January 1804 - 04 February 1879

    William married 15 March 1824 to Mary Nancy Elkins.

    William Heltsley Tombstone

  14. James Marion, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Heltsley
    18 October 1856 - 04 November 1856

    James was the son of Jacob Harrison Heltsley and Elizabeth Caroline Grace.

    James Marion Heltsley Tombstone

  15. Jacob Harrison Heltsley
    08 January 1826 - 03 October 1865

    Jacob was the son of William Heltsley and Mary Nancy Elkins. He married 21 December 1848 to Elizabeth Caroline Grace.

    Jacob Harrison Heltsley Tombstone

  16. Priscilla Malinda Coombs
    25 October 1823 - 19 December 1892

    Born in Virginia, Priscilla was the daughter of David Dillman and Mary Ann Smith. She was the third wife of Asa combs. They were married 21 September 1851.

    Priscilla Malinda Tombstone

  17. Asa, husband of P.M. Coombs
    11 July 1796 - 04 December 1877

    Asa was married three times, first wife has not been proven. He married (2) 02 November 1829 in Nelson Co., Ky., to Nancy Ann Welsh Stewart. Nancy (1813-1851) was the daughter of John Welsh and Sarah Withers, and the widow of William Stewart. Asa and Nancy had four children all born in Nelson Co., Ky. They moved to Muhlenberg County about 1848, where Nancy died June 1851.

    Asa married (3) 21 September 1851 in Muhlenberg Co., Ky., to Priscilla Malinda Dillman.

    Asa Coombs Tombstone

  18. Nancy, wife of Howard Duvall
    03 March 1826 - 23 March 1872

    Nancy Grace was the daughter of Samuel Grace and Elizabeth McMahan. She married 18 August 1846 to Howard Duvall, who was born about 1821, the son of Benjamin and Mary Duvall.

    Nancy Duvall Tombstone

  19. Willie B., daughter of J.C. and M.A. Dukes
    20 September 1882 - 05 February 1884

    Willie B. Dukes Tombstone

  20. William T., son of W.B. and Mary Jane Hale
    [stone unreadable] 186[?] - [stone unreadable] 186[?]

    William was the son of William B. Hale and Mary Jane Heltsley. This stone is eroded and the dates could not be read.

  21. Henry Coombs
    Died September 1880, age 19 years

    William Henry Coombs was born 30 May 1860, the son of Asa Combs and Priscilla Malinda Dillman.

    William Henry Coombs Footstone

  22. Cordie Jane, daughter of W.B. and Mary J. Hale
    27 August 1867 - 18 September 1867

    Cordie Jane Hale was the daughter of William B. Hale and Mary Jane Heltsley.

    Cordie Jane Hale Tombstone