David Edwards Cemetery

Contributed by Dave Edwards

The David Edwards Cemetery is located in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky about one mile west of Weir, nearing the Todd County line. When entering Weir on Rt. 171, turn west on Parham Lane. As the lane takes several turns, continue following Parham Lane for about one mile. Turn right on Zane Lane. Zane Lane is a driveway with a home ahead about 700 ft. on the right. The owner of the land, Mr. Durall, has always been hospitable to visitors to the cemetery; however, it is good courtesy and a good idea to ask permission when visiting the cemetery. The cemetery lies about 200 ft. west of the home at the very top of the hill.

This cemetery was discovered by Cecil Jewell Edwards in 1992 after researching the deed records for the land from his Great-x3 Grandfather David Edwards to Gideon Edwards to the present day owner. The original deed stated that ½ acre was to be set aside for the family cemetery. When the cemetery was discovered, there was only one cemetery stone present, laying face down: a Civil War stone for J.D. Edwards, the son of Gideon Edwards, who died in the war. Cecil Jewell Edwards acquired a Revolutionary War stone for David and erected it on September 12, 1994.

David Edwards was an early settler of the Logan, Muhlenberg County area. He served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Militia, 3rd Regiment, under Capt. Ridley. He was present in several battles, including the well known Battle of Trenton where General George Washington and troops crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776.

The cemetery today includes only 2 stones, one being David Edwards' Revolutionary War stone and J.D. Edwards' Civil War stone. The remaining graves consists of 2 rows of about seven graves each, mostly indentations in the ground with field stones as head and foot markers, some clearly children's graves. There are about 20 graves total. The condition of this cemetery is relatively good, thanks to Mr. Durall.

Longitude-Latitude: 37° 6' 44.41” N, 87° 14' 44.10” W