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Eaves Cemetery

Eaves Cemetery

Name Birth Death Other Info
Allen infantNo dates
Allen twinsNo dates
Beatrice, wife of S.B. Allen13 Sept 18766 Aug 1908
Flora M. Allen4 May 188913 Nov 1944
Katie D., daughter of S.B. & B.M. Allen9 Oct 19021 Aug 1908
S.B. Allen11 May 187225 Nov 1933Death Certificate
Lucinda E., wife of J.H. Ashley10 June 18404 May 1906
Cleatus Ball19081934“Son”; double stone with William Ball
Eva J. Ball18 Nov 192921 Nov 1929There are two stones for Eva J. Ball; Death Certificate #33055
Eva J. Ball18 Nov 192921 Nov 1929There are two stones for Eva J. Ball; Death Certificate #33055
Fredia Ball11 Oct 19259 Oct 1926
William Ball18541910“Father”; Double stone with Cleatus Ball
Sarah A., wife of W.R. Boon14 Mar 18398 Mar 1875
W.R. Boon, consort of Sarah A. Boon17 Mar 18403 Nov 1870
Audrey L. Bradley21 Aug 190710 Dec 1908Children of E. & Eva Bradley; double stone with Ishmeal L. Bradley
Ishmael L. Bradley7 Nov 190927 Oct 1914Children of E. & Eva Bradley; double stone with Audrey L. Bradley
John P. BransfordConcrete top, no dates
Cornelius & Carlos, children of A.W. & M.M. Brothers30 May 1910Arthur Brothers & Minnie Eaves Brothers are parents of these children.
Dorles Brothers19121912Child of Arthur Brothers & Minnie Eaves Brothers
James M. Brown15 July 1857Double stone with Laura Lee Brown
Laura Lee Brown10 June 18657 Apr 1916Double stone with James M. Brown
Geo. W. Clemons18751952Double stone with Sophie Clemons
Sophie Clemons18781942Wife of George W. Clemmons; double stone
Six infant graves on Clemons lotNo markers
Garland, son of G.N. & Nora Craig18 July 190918 May 1918
Marie, daughter of G.N. & Nora Craig6 Nov 191219 Oct 1918
Nora Craig18851927
Elizabeth, wife of J.F. Day26 May 18426 Oct 1909
Mary J., wife of J.F. Day26 June 183711 Apr 1879
Annie May, daughter of J.R. & E.J. Eaves13 May 188515 Dec 1885Double stone with John R. Eaves
E.B. Eaves18581923Eli Byron Eaves; double stone with M.B. Eaves
J.E., son of E.B. & M.B. Eaves16 Oct 190330 June 1904
John R. Eaves23 Nov 18626 July 1886Double stone with Annie May Eaves
M.B. Eaves18651933Martha Bernetta Josey Eaves; double stone with E.B. Eaves
Marshall R., son of E.B. & M.B. Eaves28 Oct 190011 May 1902
R.B., son of E.B. & M.B. Eaves22 Mar 189214 July 1912
D. Kenneth EdwardsBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Lovama EdwardsBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Orvial C. EdwardsBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Otto EdwardsBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
David J. Fleming10 Jan 18344 Sept 1912Double stone with Edna V. Fleming
Edna V. Fleming 7 Dec 185325 Mar 1932Double stone with David J. Fleming, his wife
Garst, son of J.G. amp; W.V. Fleming7 Aug 189720 Sept 1903
Jacob T. Fleming11 Nov 186522 Oct 1909
James Garst Fleming18721924Double stone with Willie Vitula Fleming
Samuel M., son of D.J. & E. Fleming30 Jan 186725 Mar 1892
Willie Vitula Fleming12 July 18918 Mar 1976Double stone with James Garst Fleming, his wife; footstone with “W.V.F.”
Edgar Gossett2 Oct 188818 Feb 1931Double stone with Ethel A. Gossett
Edgar Gossett Jr.25 Mar 1918
Ethel A. Gossett28 Feb 1899Double stone with Edgar Gossett
John O. Grant7 Nov 19053 Apr 1907
Andrew T. Harper18 May 189110 Mar 1911
Henry Hugh Hays3 Oct 190731 Oct 1907
Hilda Lorraine Hays 8 May 19055 July 1905
James Major Hays10 Apr 1904“still born”
Poney, son of Haden & Nep Hicks20 Jan 188130 Oct 1881
Harry C. Hope13 Sept 18969 Oct 1918
L.E. Hope17 July 184110 Sept 1914
R.H. Hope5 July 184831 Jan 1913
Gertie, wife of A. Jackson16 June 18926 July 1917
Mildred, daughter of A. & Gertie Jackson18 June 19153 Sept 1917
Robert, son of A. & Gertie Jackson14 Sept 191229 Aug 1917
Alma Walter Jackson26 July 19206 July 1921
Fred Jarvis1 Jan 189218 Dec 1936
Hayden W. Jarvis22 May 192324 Aug 1923
Leah Reah Jarvis15 July 192331 Aug 1923
Minnie Jarvis13 Mar 189415 Feb 1936
Clarence J., son of E.S. & J. Jernigan10 Apr 189627 Dec 1896Double stone with Clidie Jernigan
Clidie, son of E.S. & J. Jernigan6 June 189424 Mar 1895Double stone with Clarence J. Jernigan
E.S. JerniganConcrete top, no dates
Edward W. Jernigan4 Dec 19104 Dec 1910
Juliette A Jernigan17 Feb 18573 Apr 1930Age 73 1 m 13 d; concrete top
Oldie, son of E.S. & J. Jernigan6 June 189424 Mar 1895
William A. Jernigan20 Oct 19174 Jan 1919
Benjamin S., son of C. & M.E. Josey19 Mar 189610 Apr 1896Double stone with Floyd T. Josey
Charlie Josey16 Oct 1944Aged 76 yrs 10 mo 7 days; funeral marker
Charlie E. Josey18681944
Floyd T., son of C. & M.E. Josey11 Feb 18944 May 1896Double stone with Benjamin S. Josey
Mary E. Josey18671921Wife of Charlie Josey
Audie Keys18921911
R.B. Keys12 June 18478 July 1930Double stone with Mrs. R.B. Keys
Mrs. R.B. Keys24 Mar 18564 June 1931Double stone with R.B. Keys
Benjamin S. Knight11 Mar 186428 Sept 1899
Mary W., wife of B.S. Knight27 Dec 186027 Aug 1923
C.M. Kyle28 Dec 186730 Dec 1914
Nealie Lee3 Oct 187616 Feb 1928
John D. Longestconcrete top, no dates
Tennie, wife of J.D. Longest11 Sept 186326 Aug 1899
Thomas P., son of J.D. & J. Longest4 Mar 18902 Oct 1901
Infant son of C. & Ethel Mercer5 May 19068 May 1906
Annie Miller18701945
George Miller2 Oct 187025 Sept 1928Woodman of the World Memorial stone
Jane MillerJan 1933
Monroe MillerSept 1932
Murphy infantNo dates
D.F. Murphey6 Oct 186930 Dec 1914Stone overturned with “D.F.M.” on footstone
James H. Murphey7 Mar 18738 Dec 1903
J.T. Oldham8 Mar 18699 Apr 1928
Mary E. Oldham12 Nov 184428 Jan 1923
J.I. Pence1 Oct 184026 Mar 1915Double stone with Magie W. Pence
Magie W. Pence30 Dec 18408 May 1906“Wife”; double stone with J.I. Pence
K.L. Pendley2 July 192813 July 1929
Willie Pendley16 Nov 190530 Nov 1925
Lora M., daughter of J.F.& L.J. Petty14 June 190122 Sept 1902
T.M. Rickard18 Nov 187128 June 1920
Florence, wife of E.P. RuesterJuly 1885Jan 1917
James W. StanleyConcrete top, no dates
Clandera SteeleBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Elijah Steele24 Feb 18865 July 1958
Ethel L. SteeleBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Lemon SteeleBaby's grave, concrete top, no dates
Lucinda Steele14 July 185220 Apr 1930
May Steele14 May 191714 May 1917
Will Steele16 Nov 188222 Dec 1958
Lee TraylorConcrete top, no dates
Mary Philpot Tucker18951942
Mary S. Weatherford22 Oct 185216 June 1884“Our Mother”; wife of S.N. Weatherford; maiden name: Eaves; double stone
Romie J. Weatherford28 Apr 187022 Feb 1871Double stone with Virgil N. Weatherford
S.N. Weatherford12 Nov 18411 Mar 1891“My husband”; double stone with Mary S. Weatherford; Samuel Newton Weatherford
Virgil N. Weatherford15 May 187819 Mar 1880Double stone with Romie J. Weatherford
Ettie Pence Williams27 Mar 187310 Oct 1903
Abie Withers17 June 18913 June 1967
Elmina, wife of H.F. Withers9 Mar 187225 Sept 1899
H.F. Withers24 Sept 185724 Sept 1939
Jane Lee & Jack Vick, infants of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Withers24 Feb 192125 Feb 1921
Nannie, wife of H.F. Withers2 Feb 18702 Apr 1952
Walter N. Withers16 Aug 188911 Sept 1955
Laura Steele Young30 Jan 18721 Aug 1914
Overturned stone with “C.A.” on footstone
17 unmarked graves [2004]
5 completely unreadable stones [2004]


About ½ of a mile west of Powderly, Ky., in the vicinity of Mercer and Old Dovey Cemetery.

This cemetery is VERY well taken care of. There is a sign on the entrance asking for donations for the upkeep of the cemetery with the following address:

Barzella Robinson
213 Mellwood Dr.
Greenville, KY 42345.

Additional information from: Hammers, Marian G. “Eaves Cemetery.” Muhlenberg County Kentucky Cemeteries. Vol. 1. Madisonville, KY: Marian G. Hammers, 1976. Print.

Cemetery walked and transcribed 2004. Contributed and transcribed by Amie Daniel

Updated July 27, 2015