Dukes-King Cemetery

Contributed by Jean Wells

Photos from Kevin Dukes, Barbara Curtis, and Jean and John Wells. Information from Wanda Barnes, Kevin Dukes, Barbara Curtis, Margaret Larue, Marriage Licenses and Death Certificates.

And thanks to Coni and Carol at the Muhlenberg County Local History and Genealogy Annex for their help looking up all those death certificates.

Jean Wells visited this cemetery March 3, 2001 with Helen Oglesby, and Wanda and Sherrill Barnes; again April 2001 with Barbara Curtis and Wanda Barnes; and January 27, 2006 with John Wells.

Marian Hammers has this cemetery listed as Dukes Cemetery in her Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Cemeteries Vol. IV, page 98. All of the death certificates we have found state burial was in King Cemetery. We did not find any Kings buried here, but believe the land once belonged to a King family.


The Dukes/King Cemetery is located in southwestern Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. From Greenville, take Highway 62 West to Highway 189. Turn left on Highway 189 and go about six miles to Highway 853. Turn left on Highway 853 and go about one mile to the old Yost Lee home place. The old house has burned. Park there, walk back down the road to a driveway that goes out to a white house. Across from this driveway there is a path that goes up into the woods. Follow this path a short way and you will be in the cemetery.

Path to Dukes-King Cemetery
Path to Dukes/King Cemetery

View of Dukes-King Cemetery
One view of the Dukes-King Cemetery

View of Dukes-King Cemetery
And another view of Dukes-King Cemetery. Photos taken 2001.

Transcription with Notes

Burials from Other Sources

Margaret Larue, a granddaughter of Marcellus Lile, said when she visited this cemetery in 1968 there were at least 10 unreadable funeral home markers and several sandstone markers. We have identified some of these people through family legend and death certificates.