Old Mt. Zion Black Cemetery

Possibly Bard's Cemetery

Partial transcriptions from death certificates of Black persons said to have been buried in Old Mt. Zion Cemetery. It is believed by this compiler to be the Bard Cemetery located 3/10 mile West of Bards Hill Church and ½ mile south of Bards Road out of Depoy, KY, surveyed in 1975 by Marian Hammers (Book 4 Page 48).

You will note that all except two of the following people were either Bards or had a Bard connection. In Mrs. Hammers' book (Book 4 Page 48: Bard's Cemetery) ONLY Bards were listed and one was the Rev. Isaac Bard, the Presbyterian minister, who at one time was pastor of Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church located on U.S. Hwy. 62 near Nelson Creek (clear across the county).

It is possible that these burials are not at the present site of Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church near Nelson Creek but rather at the Bard's Cemetery site near Graham.