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If you can identify any of the people in these photographs, please contact J.P. or the contributor. Thank you!

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The following 9 tintypes (images 1 - 9) were found in a box of photos of Muhlenberg County ancestors. These were not identified. Among my Muhlenberg ancestral surnames are Wilkins, Cardwell, Roark, Lewis, Jarvis, Millard, Ingram, Diver, Nelson, Davis, Griffith, King, Williams. These photos also could be from my cousin's maternal Strader lines. If you know (or even have a guess) who these people are, please contact Fran (Nelson) Salyers.

The box of images is in the possession of my first cousin, Sharon Kay Nelson Mills, who was born in Muhlenberg and now lives in Louisville. Her mother, Edith Nell Strader Nelson (also a native of Muhlenberg), began collecting old family photos back in the 1940s and 50s and kept them together and safe throughout the years, bringing them with her when she moved to Louisville circa 1950. Sharon took possession of the photos following her mother's death in 2009.


Unknown Identity Tintype 1


Unknown Identity Tintype 2


Unknown Identity Tintype 3


Unknown Identity Tintype 4


Unknown Identity Tintype 5


Unknown Identity Tintype 6


Unknown Identity Tintype 7


Unknown Identity Tintype 8


Unknown Identity Tintype 9


Four unknown boys believed to have lived around Paradise, Kentucky.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Unknown boy who may have lived in the Paradise, Kentucky area. He is sitting with his hand on the dog in the previous photograph.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Four children from the Paradise, Kentucky area - most likely siblings.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Unknown group of people who may have lived in and around Paradise, Kentucky. It could be a church picture. There are two buggies in the background. The 12 men and 12 women may be wearing their “Sunday best” - notice hats, jewelry and purses. It is probably early fall: the trees have shed their leaves but no one is wearing heavy coats. Possibly Fall 1915.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


This picture was made by Campbell's Cottage Gallery, Central City, Kentucky. The three young men may have lived in the Paradise, Kentucky area.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Three young children from the Paradise, Kentucky area - most likely siblings.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Identified in the picture are (1) Michael Foster “Mike” Roll, playing the banjo, standing far right; (2) Robert “Bob” Roll, playing the fiddle on the first row, and (3) Louella or Lovella Howerton, the young child in the front row.

Mike and Bob Roll are the sons of David B. Roll & Margaret A. Jackson. Bob Roll became a physician and died in Christian Co., Kentucky.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Who was this woman standing in her front yard, a baby on her hip and another child standing in front of her? Notice the three chickens? And a dog standing on the front porch? There is what looks to be a child's crutch leaning against a barrel just to the back of the dog. This is believed to have been in the Paradise, Kentucky area.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


These five children were very likely born in/near Paradise, Kentucky. The photo, with a blanket hung for background, is quite old, perhaps 1890? Do they look like any of your family? Your help in identifying them will be appreciated. Thank you.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


These young people are believed to have lived at Paradise, Kentucky. The picture was made by “Schroeter Green River.” Schroeter was a floating photography studio. Date was probably 1900 or slightly before. Can anyone help me identify them?
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Unknown man and woman believed to have lived in the Paradise, Kentucky area.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Four unknown men who possibly lived in the Paradise, Kentucky area.
Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam


Lead Hill Methodist Church
Lead Hill Methodist Church.
Contributed by Larry Welborn


The Cliffs
Place: The Cliffs about 1896

Back Row (left to right): Young girl; Person peeping around her; Theo Heck (1873-1941); Daisy Smith Heck (1873-1961); Man wearing hat; Man under hanging hat; Bess Smith (born 1874; married 1901, Layton Williams); Man looking up; Man behind him; Fannie Smith?; Man

Middle Row: Young Boy; Older Boy; Man and Girl; Young Man with shovel

Front Row: Boy sitting by himself; Man who resembles George H.W. Bush; Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Humphrey (1865-1953); Woman in white hat; Younger girl; Sam Smith (brother to Bess) (1877-1962)


Nellie Fentress
Undated photo. “Nellie Fentress” written underneath. It is unclear who this individual is - “Nellie” was a common nickname for Ellen. It is possible that this is Ellen Fentress, daughter of Lancaster D. Fentress, and wife of James L. Watkins? Or is she Eliza E. Kittinger Fentress, wife of John V. Fentress? Or another Fentress daughter, wife, or in-law? If you have information, please email the Pat or J.P. Thank you.

Contributed by Pat


Unknown Griffith
According to Melvin B. Griffith, this daguerrotype is of an unknown member of the Griffith family. If you have any information on the identity of this individual, please contact Sandra Bailey.

Contributed by Sandra Griffith Bailey


Member of Hobbs family
The picture is dated on the back, 05 August 1904. Someone has written in pen the name “Hobbs” on the front. Perhaps there are some Hobbs descendants working on their lines who may recognize her. Most likely they lived in Muhlenberg County.


Jessup Family
Jessup Family: Elizabeth Susan Chappell Jessup is on the far right in a black blouse and a white dress or apron.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


James Oliver Jameson and others
Group of men with girl in background. Photograph labeled “Liles”. The man on the right of the front row is James Oliver Jameson. The man on the left of the third row is George Willard Lile.

Contributed by Jim Grace


Unknown Williams man
Unknown Williams man. Photograph with charcoal added.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


Williams family
Tintype, with the surname “Williams” written in pen on cover.
Contributed by Jim Grace.

31 & 32

Unknown Baby

Unknown Children
From the contributor: “I have 2 pictures that I cannot identify. If someone can identify them I would be glad to give the pictures to them.”
Contributed by Katherine Payton


From the contributor: “I found in my family's old albums the attached photo. There is no identifying info on the back, and I haven't found anyone who can tell me who these people are. Because all of my family lines lived in Muhlenberg, I think these folks could well have lived there, too…If they are not related to me, I'd be glad to pass the original photo along to someone who would treasure it.” - Fran
Contributed by Fran Salyers


Unknown Family. The woman's maiden name was Jessup.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


Possible that the parents in image 34 and the elderly man and woman in this image are the same.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


Back of photograph
Photo taken 1926 or later. Bottom of front of photo says “Women of the Sewing Room”

Back of photo has a full listing of who is in the photo, but it is mostly unreadable. Some of the names listed are (in no particular order) Ruthie May Stearsman; Vannie Bowen; Ethel Gossett; Doris Adcox (Adcock?); Ruby(?) Browning; Cleata(?) Wells; Sarah Goss; Anna Beers(?). Bottom of back of photo says “Greenville Training Center.”
Photo contributed by Jim Grace.


Unknown group of men. The man on the immediate left is Aaron Winfield Grace.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


Tintype. Coloration of the ring on her hand suggests this is a wedding photo. Could this be Nannie Pace Lile?
Contributed by Jean Wells


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


The man on the left is Aaron Winfield Grace.
Contributed by Jim Grace.


Contributed by Jim Grace.


Photograph dated June 1960.
Contributed by Jim Grace.

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