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Albert M. Hamby Family

Alfred M. Hamby Family
Clockwise from standing boy: Charles Albert (Charlie) Hamby, Annie Mae Stewart Hamby, Janie Hamby and William Clinton (Bill) Hamby.

Annie was married to Albert (Alfred) M. Hamby and had two more children later, Lillie & James David (J.D.) Hamby. Annie's parents were Jesse W. Stewart & Louise Jane Bivin Stewart.

Chalk reproduction of photo taken about 1919.

Contributed by Ginger Walker

J.D., Bill, and Charles Hamby

J.D., Bill, and Charles Hamby
Hamby brothers: (left to right) James (J.D.) David Hamby, William (Bill) Clinton Hamby, & Charles (Charlie) Albert Hamby, sons of Albert (Alfred) Hamby (who was said to be Cherokee Indian) & Annie Stewart Hamby.

Charlie was born April 7, 1913, and died in 1973 of Black Lung after working in the coal mines of Muhlenberg Co. He is now buried in Skipworth Cemetery in Rosewood, near Greenville, Kentucky, near the home he shared with his wife Marjorie Skipworth Hamby. Photo taken in 1957.

Charlie was also Ginger Walker's grandfather.

Contributed by Ginger Walker

James Alfred Hannum

James Alfred Hannum
James Alfred Hannum, son of Harriet Hammond Skipworth from her first marriage.

According to family tradition, he was “feeble minded.” After his mother's death, he returned to Sumner Co., Tennessee, where he was born.

Contributed by Ed Dickerson

Clarence B. Hayes

Clarence B. Hayes
Detail of larger image.

From Rothert's History of Muhlenberg County, page 349:

Clarence B. Hayes - better known as “Peck” Hayes - was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, July 23, 1878. In 1894 he moved to Muhlenberg with his father, J.H. Hayes. While serving as chief bugler under General F.D. Grant in the Spanish-American War he contracted tuberculosis, of which he died at his home in Greenville on February 10, 1908. He was a promising young man and a good musician. He wrote the words and music of a number of songs, among them “Mammy's Lullaby,” which he dedicated to John G. Barkley, Sr., and published in 1906. In March, 1908, Orien L. Roark, of the Greenville Record, issued “Some Verses by Clarence B. Hayes.” This pamphlet contains fifteen of his poems. Had he lived longer he might have achieved wide fame as a dialect poet.

Contributed by Emily Rowe

Martha Adeline Head Williams

Martha Adeline Head Williams
Martha Adeline Head Williams (1845-1917), daughter of Lewis Head and Martha Murphy, and wife of Bryant Williams.

Contributed by Jim Grace

Claude Helsley

Clarence Heltsley and others

Clarence Heltsley and others
Front row, left to right: Clarence Heltsley, Maggie Sears (Glenn), Bessie Helsley, Foster Helsley.
Back row, left to right: Geneva Chappell, Cornelia “Numie” Sears, Gabe Wood

Gordon Hendricks

Ken Humphrey

Rolla Elliston Humphrey & Mary Elizabeth Smith

Humphrey Smith Wedding
Wedding Picture, tin type. Rolla Elliston Humphrey & Mary Elizabeth Smith. Married 21 December 1881, at bride's home, Paradise, Muhlenberg

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

Rolla Elliston Humphrey Family

Rolla E. Humphrey Family
Date of picture: 1890. Mary Elizabeth Smith Humphrey with children.

Mary “Mollie” Elizabeth Smith, 16 November 1865 - 02 February 1953, daughter of William Henderson Smith & Marietta Isadora Catherine Mason

Children: Nellie May Humphrey, born 22 December 1882
William Smith “Bill” Humphrey, born 18 June 1885
R. Dee Humphrey, born 01 January 1888
Bernice Humphrey, born 28 December 1889

Father (not shown): Rolla Elliston Humphrey, 14 April 1859 - 19 October 1893, son of Rolla Elliston Humphrey & Delila Bennett Woodward.

One more daughter (not shown): Isadora Maude, born 28 June 1893, before father Rolla Elliston died in 1893

Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

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